Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Stunning Wedding for Kelsey and Ryan at The Pavilion at Angus Barn!

Weddings at The Pavilion at Angus Barn in Raleigh are always above average and I love seeing the couple's dreams brought into reality! Kelsey and Ryan are no exception. Their vision is beautiful! 
Guests sign in on the "guest book" that will later be framed for their home.
Their wedding was Sunday May 28, 2017 and it was a beautiful day. Not too hot and a little breezy. Very pleasant. Kevin Seifert was with me to photograph the wedding for this blog post. His photos are amazing and I highly recommend him to couples. His style is photojournalistic and he certainly has the eye for capturing great images. I really appreciate his coming with me to these weddings and giving my husband a break from camera duty. Besides, his professional photography training yields superior photos!
Here is the pavilion all decked out for the reception.
The sweetheart table in front of the see-through fireplace. 
Remembering those not with us.
This decor is perfect for the setting. Kelly Kennedy with Teacup Floral really did a spectacular job with the mason jars and pretty flowers. I just love them!
Erinn Humbert with The Portable Gourmet Baking Company baked this beautiful cake and probably all the cookies and cupcakes surrounding it! 
Out on the terrace the bar was set up and ready for the guests following the ceremony. 
I took a moment to look over the ceremony and Kevin caught me! Love the butterfly chairs!
The ceremony site is ready except for the sand ceremony table. In the meantime, Marcus Ward, DJ with Morse Entertainment, had an ear mic ready for me. I did not even have to use my own! Yay!
These beautiful florals again by Teacup Floral. 
A view from the "altar" area towards the pavilion. 
The planes were flying by as the staff prepared the Sand Ceremony table. 
The breeze kept turning over the containers of sand so they are not quite as full as they were originally. They placed them next to the glass block for protection from the wind.
The groomsmen head out to the ceremony area to escort the guests. Sarah Lilly with them is our director with The Pavilion. You may notice that she is pregnant and her due date was the wedding day! As far as I know, she got through the whole evening without going into labor! She did a great job as usual keeping everything organized and people in the right places at the right time.
The programs were fans for the guests to keep themselves cool!
I walked in first followed by the parents. Great shot, Kevin! My husband says I look like I am in my twenties! Can't beat that! 
Ryan escorted his mother, Melissa, down the aisle. 
Kelsey's mother, Regina, was escorted in by Mason, Ryan's brother. Then the rest of the groomsmen entered.
Next were the lovely bridesmaids! 
Ring bearers, Anton and Mason and Ethan entered without a drop of shyness! 
Hey, this is fun! 
Evelyn, our flower girl, made her way down the long aisle. 
Time for Kelsey and her father, James, to begin the long walk. 
Are you okay, Dad?
At Kelsey's request, Ryan turned his back to the guests and was signaled by the videographer when the bride was halfway down the aisle to turn around and see Kelsey for the first time on their wedding day. Kelsey is beginning to tear-up a little.
James placed Kelsey's hand in Ryan's hand then Kelsey gave her dad a little kiss and everyone was seated. 
And so the ceremony began. 
Words of welcome to all who traveled from near and far.
A beautiful day!
After a prayer and remembrance of those no longer with us, I stepped out from behind the couple and spoke to their parents and thanked them for all their love and support.
Then I launched into the story of how Kelsey and Ryan met, fell in love and decided to marry. 
Their story had a lot of good funny moments and likely the first time the mothers had heard of some of them! 
I think the groomsmen are having a really good laugh here because they were part of the story of how they met in college and later on when the friendship became a relationship.
Kelsey and Ryan were good friends in college and never dated. It was several years later when they ended up working in the same town in Pennsylvania that they discovered there was something deeper to their friendship and began dating.
Probably talking about how Ryan had to come to accept that their 4-legged fur child, Tessa, was the queen and slept on the bed with them!
Then to the proposal story! 
Whenever a plane flew over, I had to stop speaking. Even with amplification, I can't be heard over the engine noise. Gives everyone a chance to stop and look around.
Is this one of those times, Kelsey? 
So, after the story, I revealed to Kelsey what Ryan told me he loves about her, why he wants to marry her and what he is looking forward to in marriage.
Then I told Ryan what Kelsey revealed to me about him! 
Time to wipe Ryan's forehead off! 
They exchanged their vows then their rings. 
Then it was time for the Sand Ceremony where they poured their sand together symbolizing their union in marriage.
I think they need to pour some more in the container since some spilled out before the ceremony. 
Look at the plane! 
A closing blessing then the pronouncement of marriage. 
You may kiss the bride, Ryan! (As I stepped out from behind them!) 
I told him to make the kiss long enough to get a good picture and he did! 
And just as I presented them to their guests, a United Airlines plane flew over. How symbolic!!
Their photographer, Angela Kenbok from Pittsburgh, PA, gets a shot of the kiss! 
The traditional ringing of the bell after the ceremony!
Hugs all around! 
Kelsey and Ryan--amazing wedding! I hope it fulfilled all your dreams. You are a great couple and I wish you the best always. Thanks for choosing me to join you in marriage!

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