Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Friday, April 28, 2017

Chelsay and Jared Marry in my Garden!

Chelsay contacted me on March 24th to see if she and Jared could have their wedding in my garden on April 15th 2017. Jared was stationed in the military in California but was coming home for a few days. I told her that 3:00 on the 15th would work for me. She and her mother Sherry came by a few days later to see the garden, liked it and we started working on the ceremony.
Their guests arrived and Jared took his place up front while I was going over the processional with the wedding party.
Out first was their Best Man. 
Then their Maid of Honor! 
Then Chelsea's dad, Rich, escorted her in.
Every one stood for their entrance. 
As Rich placed Chelsay's hand in Jared's hand, and everyone sat down, I breathed in something that caused me to cough and I could not stop coughing. It was so bad, I had to go inside and get a drink of water. Embarrassing!
They patiently waited for me to return and when I did, we began the ceremony. My voice was a little shaky at first then it normalized. We welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming.
I spoke to their parents and told them how much Chelsay and Jared appreciated their love and support. 
Then I spoke to Sam, Jared's son. Chelsay had special words for him and they wanted him to know how important he is in their lives.
Some words on love and marriage........
They made their vows to each other......
Talking about the symbolism of the rings they are about to exchange. 
Jared places the ring on Chelsay's finger. 
Then Chelsay places the ring on Jared's finger. 
Next came the Family Unity Sand Ceremony. Jared and Chelsay each placed half of their sand into the container.
Then Sam poured all of his sand in and the couple blended the remainder of their sand on top.
After a closing blessing, I pronounced them husband and wife!
Ha ha! We did it! 
Congratulating and introducing the newlywed couple! 
Chelsay and Jared, I am honored to have joined you in marriage. Jared, thank you for your service to our country. I wish you a very happy and fulfilling marriage!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Another Wonderful Spring Wedding at Highgrove!

Dennis and Barclay chose the lovely HIGHGROVE ESTATE for their wedding venue. I've been doing weddings there since they opened many years ago and have always found the site very lovely and the staff wonderful! Their wedding date was Friday April 14th 2017. 
 The garden ballroom was all decorated and ready for the reception. 
 Sweet Memories produced this lovely wedding cake. 
 The sweetheart table in front of the fireplace adorned with eucalyptus and roses! 
Jason Huggins with STYLUS provided the music for the ceremony and the reception. Always a pleasure working with Jason. He even provides a Countryman E6 ear mic for me! He is such a pro!
Back inside the house Dennis' parents, Linda and Denny, and Dennis' children, Kaitlyn and Andrew, along with Mary Laura the Maid of Honor and another young lady I did not know are gathered before the ceremony.
 I took a few moments to relax on the front porch in one of the rocking chairs to review the ceremony. 
Meanwhile, Dave went out back to the ceremony area. From the pergola, Lake Laurel is very placid and all the leaves have come out for the spring and summer. In the fall, it will be a sea of orange and yellow.
View of the covered terrace on the right and the garden ballroom on the left. The guests are beginning to arrive for the ceremony. FLOWERS ON BROAD did all the florals. They were gorgeous.
In 2016, the manor house at Highgrove underwent redecoration. It is beautiful and fits the vintage of this old home.
I put in this photo to show you the Countryman E6 ear mic--my favorite--and Jason got one for me to use! 
The guests are being seated. The photographers for this wedding are Hugh Simmons and his wife Katharine who are friends of the couple and came all the way from Maryland to shoot this wedding.
Dennis, his daughter Kaitlyn, son Andrew and Maid of Honor Mary Laura have processed in are we are waiting for the bride!
Here she comes with her parents, Joe and June. They are some pretty tall folks! 
They presented Barclay and gave their love and support to the couple. 
We began with a welcome to all who traveled from far and near and thanked them for their love and support of our couple.
Following the welcome was a prayer and remembrance of loved ones no longer with us. 
At this point we recognized Kaitlyn and Andrew and on behalf of Barclay and Dennis I told them how loved and important they were in the marriage we celebrate today.
Then a tribute to their parents for their lifelong support and unconditional love. 
Then it was time to tell Barclay and Dennis' story. It was a good one filled with humor and sweetness. They are such a good match! Dennis was shedding some tears at that point.
So I handed him my hankie although he had already been using one he had in his pocket! 
They each shared with me in confidence the things they love about each other and their hopes and dreams for their marriage. The big reveal is in this moment!
And then it was time in the ceremony for their promises of marriage to each other which were printed in my book facing them.
Dennis surprised me by memorizing his and he never once looked down at the words! Amazing! 
As he finished his vows he slipped the ring on her finger.
Barclay placed the ring on Dennis finger.
Then she said her vows--not quite memorized but close! 
A closing blessing for the couple as they embark on their marriage.
I pronounced them husband and wife! 
Finally sealed with a kiss! 
The happy couple recesses amongst cheering and applause from their guests! 
This photo is a little blurry but I love it! 
Hugh captures the newlyweds!
Kaitlyn and Christian followed Mary Laura out. 
Joe and June exited. 
Dennis and Barclay, congratulations! It was beautiful and I hope all your dreams were fulfilled! I wish you the best always!