Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, November 30, 2015

Kim and Bert's Wedding Surrounded by their Family and Friends!

Bert and Kim were each other's first romantic interest and now will be their last after reuniting 12 years ago. They wanted to marry surrounded by their families and a few friends so planned the wedding to take place on their lovely deck with tall pines overlooking us.
Kim's two children, their spouses and their children, Kim's grandchildren, Avery and Aidan and Addison were present. Avery and Aidan took their places as Maid of Honor and Best Man. Addison, just a wee baby, was in the lap of her mother during the ceremony!
 Pinning the boutonniere to Aidan's sweater.....
 Kim and Bert took their places in the doorway and the ceremony began, 
There was a welcome to all thanking everyone for being there. Then some sweet words on their relationship and love and marriage.
 I asked them each a series of questions as their vows to which they each answered "I will."
 A reflective moment for Kim!
 Bert places the ring on Kim's finger. 
 Then Kim placed the ring on Bert's finger. 
 Time to pronounce them husband and wife and invite them to seal their vows with a kiss!
 Oh no, they are KISSING! 
 Aidan and Avery recovered from the kissing episode and take their places for photos. 
Kim's mother, Eileen, was with us. She is in her 90s and every bit as spunky as she must have been when she was younger. She is probably telling Bert to take care of her precious daughter!
A joyful, beautiful day! Congratulations, Kim and Bert. I am so happy you found each other again and allowed me to be part of your big day. Love and peace to you always!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Elegant Wedding of Amanda and Dan at Brier Creek Country Club!

Amanda and Dan are a low key couple who were simply wonderful to collaborate with to design the perfect wedding ceremony that reflected their love, their beliefs and their personalities. They both grew up in New Jersey within walking distance from each other but never met until they attended the same regional high school. But their romance did not start until many years later after they had both graduated from college and happened to meet again in Manhattan at a mutual friend's birthday celebration in 2008. They had  such a good time catching up with each other at the party they agreed to meet again the following weekend--and really, they have never looked back, which has brought us 7 years later to their wedding day--October 18th, 2015 at the lovely Jasmine Courtyard at Brier Creek Country Club. The weather was beautiful although a bit on the chilly side as the sun slowly went down.
The courtyard is all set up and ready as the shadows get longer and longer. 
Very pretty aisle treatment by Teacup Floral who also did the bouquets and boutonnieres. 
Upstairs in the ballroom overlooking the pergola and the courtyard the preparations for the reception were going on. The yummy cake by Edible Art is simple and elegant and we know tasty!
I ran into Dan in the Arnold Palmer room right before the First Look. Repinned his boutonniere and brushed his jacket off. He is ready to see the bride!
In the adjoining conference room the bridesmaids are peeking through the door to see the First Look! 
This conference room always looks this way before a wedding. It is where the bridal party hangs out before the ceremony. 
This is the bride's gorgeous bouquet by Teacup Floral. 
Ashley McCray and her second shooter decided to take the couple and the wedding party out onto the green for some pre-ceremony photos to take advantage of the light.
There go Amanda and Dan!
In the meantime, I went down to the men's locker room waiting area where the groom and his groomsmen and the fathers hang out before the ceremony. I get the license signed and do a boutonniere check.
Now the whole wedding party traipses across the lush green grass to the green for some striking photos. 
Back in the courtyard, Florian Music has begun playing prelude music as the guests are being seated. 
It is 6:00 and time to begin so after the groom's grandmother and parents are all seated, Dan and his guys and I entered from the side.
We are all in position as the bridesmaids process in one by one. Since the Maid of Honor was the last person in before the bride's entrance, she directed the wedding party and cued the musicians. (The black box on tripod in the foreground is my battery operated sound system.)
And now all the bridesmaids are in position--time for the bride! 
Amanda was escorted in by her parents, David and Jane.
Her father did get a bit teary-eyed during the presentation of the bride though! 
And so the ceremony began with welcoming words and a sweet "faith-neutral" prayer. 
The recognition of the parents and stepparents was followed by their love story which included the story of Dan's proposal at the beach. Then I revealed what they had each told me in confidence about what they love about each other, heard for the first time during the ceremony.
They exchanged their vows. 
Then it was time to exchange their rings. 
I kept this photo in because it shows Amanda's beautiful hairdo and how perfectly it goes with her lovely bridal gown!
"With this ring, I marry you and pledge my heart to you." 
The pronouncement of marriage......
And then the kiss......
and more kissing......
Amanda came up for air! This is that sweet "after-kiss" moment of realization! (I am gesturing to the maid of honor for the bride's bouquet--not admonishing the couple! )
And here they are: The new Mr. and Mrs.! 
Just the beginning of their new married life!
Kerri, Maid of Honor, and Ross, Best man exit.
Lauren and Drew
Tania and Nick
Kristina and Paul
Rachel and Pete
Corey and Mike
Jane and David, parents of the bride
David, stepfather of the groom, and Debra, mother of the groom
Daniel, father of the groom, and Tina, stepmother of the groom
And finally, Dan's grandmother, Joan, escorted out by Doug, Dan's uncle.
Inviting the guests to the upper terrace for cocktails!
A quick photo before the couple join their guests. Amanda and Dan--amazing wedding! Your careful planning yielded a great start to your beautiful wedding day. You were such a pleasure to work with and I am honored to have joined you in marriage! May peace and love be with you always!

Our Vendors

Musicians: Florian Music
Florist: Teacup Floral
Wedding Cake: Edible Art