Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, February 11, 2019

Alan and Art's Masterpiece Wedding at The Tucker House!

I met with Art and Alan in October to plan their ceremony for November 17, 2018. They are decisive and know what they like, don't like, want, don't want. It was a pleasure working with them and watching their creativity in planning their wedding and scripting their ceremony.
The wedding day was beautiful and pleasant. When I arrived the first thing was to get my microphone plugged into the sound system and do a sound check because the road noise at this location can drown out unamplified voices.
I had not done a wedding at The Tucker House in many years but it was still exactly the same beautiful historic place.
The guys had assembled three musicians to play for the ceremony--Karyn Ostrom, Zach May and Scott McSwain. And they were very good! 
Alan sports a unique feather bowtie made for the occasion and a eucalyptus boutonniere and white rose bud. Happy handsome guy!
All the groomsmen sported feather bowties and boutonnieres. 
Doing the sound check here. They rented a sound system for me and for Art to use during the ceremony. 
We are hanging out inside the house as the guests get seated. Then the couple will exit through the back door and come out around front to process in. I came out onto the porch from the front door when cued.
Their friend Michelle was their honorary wedding director and she had things under control as the guests were finding their seats.
And now for the seating of the families by the groomsmen. 
Then the groomsmen walked in one by one and took their places up front. 
The grooms approach! 
I took my place on the porch and invited the guests to stand. 
Taking it all in before they began the trek down the aisle as Michelle looks on! 
There they go! An exciting moment! 
They turned and faced each other and I welcomed everyone to this momentous occasion. They had chosen some very poignant words about love, companionship and the journey to now.
At this point Alan and I stepped aside as Art went to the microphone. He is a very talented singer and sang "No Hard Feelings" by the Avett Brothers accompanied by the musicians. He did a great job and it was such a sweet moment in the ceremony.
Then it was time to tell their story! A great story filled with love, humor and surprises. 
They each proposed to the other but not at the same time. Two proposals, two sweet surprises. 
I asked each of them to tell me in confidence what they love about each other, why they want to marry and what they are looking forward to in marriage. For the first time, I revealed to the other what their partner had told me.
They exchanged wooden rings that Art had carefully crafted out of a piece of birch they had while each reading together the vows they had written which were printed in my book facing them.
It was quite a feat of coordination to read together and place the rings at the same time. 
But they did it! 
The big legal moment when I pronounced them husbands in marriage and invited them to share their first kiss as a married couple.
They kissed as their guests cheered them on! 
There is that sweet "after kiss moment" when reality dawns--we are really finally married! 
I presented them to their guests amidst applause and cheering. 
One of the happiest moments of their lives! 
The merriment began! 
Art and Alan! You pulled off a fabulous wedding! It was terrific and I applaud you for that. It was truly "you!" I am so honored that you chose me to join you in marriage and I wish you the best always!

Victoria and Thomas Wed at The Glenwood!

Victoria and Tom's wedding was in the lovely garden courtyard of The Glenwood (now closed). Also the home of the Women's Club of Raleigh off Glenwood Avenue. The wedding was at 5:15 PM on November 11, 2018.
JD Silverthorne was their DJ and he and I were conducting a sound check in this photo. 
Inside the building I found this custom made photo booth! 
The guests are beginning to arrive. JD and his sound equipment are hidden behind the hedge from the guests. It was quite chilly that afternoon as the sun started to set.
Aneesa Gaines with Harmony Weddings was our director. Her assistant, Ellie--pictured here, got the mothers and bridesmaids assembled just inside the clubhouse and ready to process into the courtyard.
I have a long sleeve tee shirt and leggings on underneath the dress and jacket for warmth! 
I entered first to make the unplugged announcement for the guests to put their cell phones and cameras away. Then JD began the processional music.
The guys came in, then the bridesmaids. They had shawls awaiting them on the chairs in the first row. 
Everyone stands for the entrance of the bride and her parents. 
The bridesmaids have donned their shawls now! 
The ceremony began with a warm welcome to all and remembrance of those no longer with us. 
Then I paid tribute to their parents and began telling the story of how they met and fell in love. 
It was a good story and everyone was enjoying it as the sun slowly set around us. 
They heard for the first time what the other had told me about what they love about each other and are looking forward to in marriage.
Then Victoria's sister and sister-in-law shared a reading called "Love" by Roy Croft. 
It was getting pretty dark as Victoria and Thomas exchanged their vows. 
And then their rings.......
I pronounced them married and invited them to kiss!
A very happy moment and a bit of flash here!
And they step into the next chapter of their lives--marriage!
Tom and Victoria! You did it! Great wedding and we made it through the chill and the rapidly approaching darkness! What a pleasure it was to work with you and join you in marriage! I wish you all the best forever!