Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Teesha and Gregory's Beautiful Wedding at WRAL Azalea Gardens!

Teesha and Gregory had the prettiest wedding! It was at the WRAL Azalea Gardens on Sunday April 22nd, 2018. The azaleas were all blooming along with the tulips and pansies and more.
When Dave and I arrived, we set up the sand ceremony. I furnished the table and Teesha had given me the containers and sand and the broom the day before at our rehearsal.
This is the circular bricked patio for the ceremony. The chairs were arranged in a curve on the thick lush grass. Dave and I placed my sound system to one side and did a sound check.
Looking from the chairs to the entrance to the gardens. 
Following the ceremony the guests were invited to have some cake and toast the couple. 
This pretty cake was baked by and delivered by a friend. Smart to put the net on it to keep the bees away!
We are all ready for the guests to be taking their seats. Rachel goes to help Teesha get ready.
View of the ceremony area from the top of the hill when you first enter the gardens.
WRAL building. There are no changing facilities other than the ladies room though. 
Our keyboardist David Klingman got set up and began playing prelude music. 
Gregory and I began the long walk down the aisle to the ceremony area.
Gregory's son Jayden followed closely behind. He served as his father's best man. 
Teesha and Gregory's children together, Alexus and Deandre, followed next and were seated with their grandmother, Teesha's mom, Brenda. They were so cute and well-behaved!
And now it is time for Teesha to make her grand entrance. 
She begins walking across the sidewalk until she gets in front of the ceremony site. 
She started down the "aisle" toward us. Such a pretty bride! 
At this point Gregory, as planned, began walking up the aisle toward her.
And they came the rest of the way together to get married. Great symbolism! 
Wiping a few tears from Teesha's cheeks! 
I welcomed everyone to this wonderful occasion and thanked them for being with us. 
Then we had a sweet prayer and remembered their loved ones who have passed on from this earth. 
I stepped out and gave a tribute to Teesha's mom, Brenda, and thanked her for her love and support of Teesha and Gregory and their children. It was a tearful moment as I took a tissue to Brenda. Jayden needed a tissue as well!
Then we recognized Jayden, Deandre, and Alexus and told them how loved they are and how important they are in the marriage we celebrate today. After that I related the story of how Gregory and Teesha met and fell in love. (Our professional photographer was Darkred Photography in the background.)
Then it was time for them to make their vows to each other.
After the vows, I called for the rings from Jayden.
The exchanged their rings.
At this point it was time for the Family Unity Sand Ceremony. 
Teesha and Gregory poured some of their sand in first making two layers. 
Then each of the children poured in their sand.
Teesha and Gregory blended their remaining sand on top. 
It was my honor and my delight to pronounce them husband and wife and invited them to share their first kiss as a married couple!
Oh Yes!!
As they kissed, I retrieved the broom for them to jump over.
And they did!!
A thumb's up to David to begin the recessional music!
On their way out, Teesha got her bouquet from her mother who was just beaming with happiness for her daughter.
And out they go into the gardens with their photographer to take some photos. 
The central container was filled to the brim! 
Teesha, you did it! You pulled off a gorgeous wedding! I hope it fulfilled all your dreams for your wedding day. Congratulations to you both! I wish you the best always!