Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cynthia and Matthew Wed at The Mill Room in Wake Forest!

Cynthia and Matthew's wedding ceremony was supposed to be in Joyner Park in Wake Forest but March 20th, 2016 turned rainy and cold. So it was moved to the reception site--the Mill Room at The Factory in Wake Forest.
When Dave and I arrived the room had been completely transformed and was looking very elegant thanks to Starla, Cynthia's father's partner. She did an amazing job!
The family unity sand ceremony is ready and in place. 
The tables were pushed to the perimeter of the room so that the guests could sit in rows for the ceremony. Rocky Top was catering and had the food tables ready for the reception. 
Ted, the DJ with Complete Music was ready. He had not planned to provide the ceremony music if it had been at the park but he graciously agreed to handle this for Starla. We hooked my microphone into the system. Complete Music also provided the Photo Booth.
The backdrop was in place and looked like a Scottish scene out of Outlander to me! 
The guests slowly arrived and were coaxed into taking their seats! 
The pretty table with the programs and guest book greeted guests when they arrived. 
I sequestered the groom and groomsmen so that Matthew could not see Cynthia when she arrived. Here he is comforting their daughter who is not sure what is happening!
When the guests had arrived, I started getting the family lined up to process in. 
Then it was time for Matthew and his guys and me to enter. 
After each bridesmaid had entered, it was time for the children to enter. Needless to say, it did not go in orderly fashion but that was not unexpected. Children can be totally unpredictable at weddings!
And now, father of the bride, Sam, proudly escorts Cynthia down the aisle. 
The wedding party awaits. 
The transfer of hands was made and Sam took his seat being careful not to step on the bride's train!
And so the ceremony commenced. 
Starla wrote the ceremony (with a few tweaks by me) that combined Italian Catholic with Celtic elements. She did a great job for one who does not write wedding ceremonies very much at all if ever before! Starla is the bridesmaid to the far left in the photo above.
Look at those very obedient little boys actually paying attention during the ceremony! Proud of them! 
We included the hand-fasting ceremony as a Celtic element and the couple exchanged their vows. 
Then I removed the cord without them releasing hands so that they could symbolically replace the cord with their rings.
The family unity sand ceremony included their four children. 
Then the pronouncement of marriage followed by the.......
The guests and I read the Irish Blessing to the couple then I introduced them as Mr. and Mrs.! 
Cynthia and Matthew, it was my pleasure to join you in marriage. I wish you the best of everything! 
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Unplugged Wedding Chalk Board!

This is a great sign and only $20. See it and buy it on Etsy.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Sherry and David Tie The Knot!

Sherry and David wanted a small intimate wedding in my garden surround by their families. They chose Sunday March 13, 2016. The temperature was pleasant with intermittent sprinkles of rain. We decided to chance it in the garden anyway! Rainy days are really great for photography too--the colors are more intense, no squinting or shadows.
I handed my camera to David's daughter Elizabeth and she took most of these photos for me. Thank you, Elizabeth. You did a great job! Future career as a wedding photographer??
And when Sherry and David had walked down the aisle and turned and faced each other, we began. There were a few drops of rain falling and I rushed the words then the rain subsided until we finished and they had gone on to their celebration.
Included in the ceremony were words from the couple to each other's children: Sherry's daughter, November, and David's children, Elizabeth and Austin. Sweet and tender moment for all.
I love that my pink azalea decided to bloom early this year in spite of the fact that Easter is early this year too. Makes for lovely wedding photos. Again, Elizabeth, you did great framing these pictures!
A few words on love and marriage the second time around. 
They each answered my questions and made their vows to each other.
Time for the rings to seal the vows. 
Sherry repeats after me the words to David as she places the ring on his finger.
I like for couples to hold hands throughout the ceremony. 
A closing blessing for the couple before I make the pronouncement of marriage.
Now I pronounce you husband and wife! 
They sealed their vows with a kiss! 
Family and Friends, the newlywed couple!!
I got this photo of the whole gang. On the far left is Austin and on the far right is Elizabeth. November is looking over her mother's right shoulder with her grandmother next to her! It was a great wedding!
Sherry and David, I know you are enjoying wedded bliss! Thank you for giving me the honor of joining you in marriage. I wish you all the best life has to offer!
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A Destination Wedding for Glenda and Charlie!

Glenda and Charlie live in Arizona. Glenda's daughter and family live in North Carolina and Charlie's sons live in Virginia. So they decided that Raleigh would be a good place to have their wedding. They found me on line and thought my wedding garden would be perfect followed by a delicious celebration at Vivo Italian Ristorante near by. And so we made the arrangements, The wedding day was Sunday March 6, 2016 and the day dawned with wonderful weather. Even the azaleas decided to bloom early!
Glenda's daughter, Dawn, watches her son Daniel pose for a photo. Daniel was very curious about the wedding and had a lot of questions. A very inquisitive and smart little boy!
Dawn and her daughter, Natasha, pose for a picture. You might think it was Easter Sunday! 
The garden is ready and we are waiting for guests to arrive. 
When everyone had arrived, it was time to get started getting these two married! Dawn stood up for her mother and Charlie's son, Joe, stood up for his dad. Fallons Flowers provided the pretty boutonnieres and the bouquets. Kate Pope was our photographer. She has photographed many weddings in the garden.
We welcomed everyone and then began with a prayer based on First Corinthians. Then we recognized the couple's adult children and their grandchildren.
And now they make their promises of marriage to each other. 
Charlie places the ring on Glenda's finger. 
Glenda puts the ring on Charlie's finger now. 
The pronouncement of marriage makes their marriage legal.
Charlie goes in for the kiss! 
Glenda and Charlie, thanks for finding me and my garden and allowing me the honor of joining you in matrimony. I know your families are excited about your relocating "back East" soon! I wish you all the happiness in the world.
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