Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Christine and Andy's Gorgeous Wedding at Brier Creek CC!

Christine and Andy fell in love when they were in high school many years ago in Long Island. Their love withstood long distance separation for many years until Christine finally migrated south to join Andy. Their wedding was a beautiful one at Brier Creek Country Club on October 12th 2018. Hurricane Michael blew through North Carolina the day before forcing our rehearsal indoors and fortunately the ground had dried out enough for our ceremony to be held in the lovely Jasmine Courtyard. Of course the curtains had been removed because of the high winds but I really like the way it looks without the curtains. Gregg Kennedy with Brides and Bouquets put up the beautiful floral arch for the ceremony and provided all the other florals too.
Jason Huggins, owner of Stylus, was our DJ. When I arrived he had an ear microphone for me and we did a sound check then he knelt down as if proposing! Not sure what he was proposing but my husband Dave snapped this photo of it. Jason always provides the best sound for me, brings a mic for me and I love doing weddings with him.
After the sound check we went upstairs into the ballroom where the reception would be. 
The Sweetheart Table is all decked out in front of the picture window looking down into the courtyard. 
GiGi's Cupcakes provided this display of fabulous cupcake with a cake on top for cutting. 
A unique cake topper for Andy and Christine! 
Rebecca Faulk of Red Bridge Photography was our professional photographer. Another professional photographer, Brian Mullins, was her second shooter--an amazing team of the best photographers in the area!
Robin Crew with Bayleaf Video Productions on the left and Rebecca on the right are getting some shots of the bride before the ceremony.
Every couple gets a very pretty keepsake certificate of marriage from me. 
Getting the marriage license signed. 
And now we are getting all lined up to process in on the sidewalk beside Deke's Grill. 
Andy and I processed in first along the side to the front of the pergola. 
Waiting for the parents.
Andy's parents, Stella and Vito, start their walk into the ceremony area. 
Then brother of the bride, Frank, escorts his mother Laura into the ceremony then returns. 
First couple are Autumn and Brandon.
Vinny and Jennifer
Frank and Nicole.
Melissa and Alex
Doug (best man) and Angela (maid of honor) enter.
Our beautiful Flower Girl--Krystyna!
She did a great job sprinkling the petals!
Time for our stunning bride and her dad, Frank, to make their entrance!
Down the steps while their guests are all standing in honor of the bride. 
They stopped in front of Andy and me and I asked Frank the question, he answered then placed Christine's hand into Andy's hand and everyone was seated.
A warm welcome to everyone who had traveled from near and far. 
Then we remembered those who were no longer with us. 
After surprising their parents with a sweet tribute, I got to tell Andy and Christine's wonderful story! 
Lots of good laughs too!
After their story, they got to hear what their partner had told me in confidence what he or she loves about them.
Andy got a bit tearful hearing what Christine told me. 
Christine loved what Andy told me too!
Time for the vows.  These first vows were funny questions to them. 
Then to the more serious vows during which they exchanged their rings. 
Andy placed the ring on Christine's finger. 
Then Christine placed the ring on Andy's finger which took a little struggle to get it on. Andy is sharing in the struggle!
A closing blessing for our couple came next then the big pronouncement of marriage moment!
I invited Andy to show us the kiss as I stepped to the side out of the photo of the kiss.
Oops! Dave missed getting a photo of the kiss! Angela hands Christine her bouquet and I presented them to their guests as husband and wife!
And out they go!
I know Krystyna had a good time!!
Parents of the bride followed by parents of the groom.
Our wedding planner/director was Shannon Carpenter with Magnolia and Pine Events. She did a great job and it was wonderful working with her and her team.
A big Congratulations to you, Christine and Andy!! What a wonderful wedding! I wish you the best always!

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