Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Gorgeous Wedding for Katie and Brad at Barclay Villa!

Brad and Katie's wedding at Barclay Villa in Angier on November 12th 2016 was so beautiful. The colors and the setting were simply stunning. 
Katie and Brad are the third couple in a group of good friends that I have had the pleasure of joining in marriage. So, it turns out that I already knew quite a few in their wedding party. It was good to see everyone again! I got a photo of most of them here. On the left are Trina and Mark, the first of the couples to be wed by me. Their wedding was at Rose Hill Plantation. It is not really noticeable in this photo but Trina is pregnant and two weeks later they welcomed their sweet baby girl, Harper, into this world. On the right is Jason. I married Jason and Jessica a year ago at the Doubletree at Brownstone. Here is the post for their wedding. Jessica was at the wedding but not in the wedding party and was unfortunately not around for this photo. 
When Dave and I arrived for the wedding, I discovered that the DJ for the wedding was Gerald Morris, also a former groom I married! His and Jaime's wedding was at Duke Gardens in 2010. Fantastic to see him again. His business is Sweet Sound Productions, Inc. 
The tables were set and you can see that the wedding color is burgundy. Catering by Design was on duty! 
The wedding cake was by Publix and Katie found this cute cake topper. 
The wedding was at 3:30. It is about 3:00 at this point and the shadow is gradually covering the gazebo which is a good thing because the sun won't be in the eyes of the wedding party and me!
The guests are beginning to arrive. This is the view from the gazebo back toward the villa. 
Another beautiful fountain on the lovely grounds of the villa. 
It is time to begin. I strolled in first to make an "unplugged" announcement. The guests, and one in particular, reluctantly put away their cameras and cell phones for the ceremony to honor Katie and Brad's request.
Brad followed me and behind him were the groomsmen and bridesmaids and flower girl. 
The best man and brother of the groom, Brandon, escorted in their mother then joined Brad.  
Now we await the bridesmaids who came down the aisle one by one. 
Last in before the bride was our Matron of Honor, Jacki, also wife of Brandon, and their daughter Bridget who is age 2.
Katie and her dad, Keith begin the walk down the aisle!
Katie was just beaming!
Keith answered my question to him and transferred Katie's hand into Brad's. Notice the line of the sun. 
What a beautiful and handsome wedding party!
Jacki straightened the train while I recognized the parents of our couple and then launched into their story!
And what a great story they have! They met on Memorial Day in 2009 in upstate New York. Our Matron of Honor and Best Man, Jacki and Brandon, invited Brad who lived in NC and Katie who was Jacki's friend from college. They definitely noticed each other but because they lived hundreds of miles apart, nothing happened. They saw each other at several other social events for the next few years.
In 2013 while Katie was hanging out with Jacki and Brandon one day, Brad's name kept coming up in conversation and they found themselves imagining what it would be like if Katie and Brad got together. That prompted Brandon to give Brad a call. Then Brad called Katie and things started happening. In July, Katie flew to NC for the most expensive first date of her life!
They officially became a couple after that amazing date and for the next year they carried on a long distance relationship.
(While I was telling their story, Bridget was alternating between her mother and father and finally Brandon handed her off to her grandparents--but she did not stay with them for long!)
The stress of being together for short periods and then saying good-bye finally got the most of Katie and she made the big move to NC in August of 2014.
Brad began to plan a proposal in 2015 and decided Memorial Day would be the most fitting since they had met on Memorial day 6 years prior. Although his original plans hit a snag, he did propose and Katie could not say yes fast enough. They called their friends and family and started planning this wedding!
Bridget has found her way back to Mom!
Time to reveal the secret paragraphs to each of them which were so sweet and funny too.
The vows and rings were next.
Katie puts the ring on Brad's finger as she said the words after me. 
It was a big ring. Brad is a big guy. But she got it on his finger finally! 
So happy to pronounce these two husband and wife! 
A sweet kiss--their first as husband and wife!
Let the party begin!!
The newlyweds recessed into the house followed by the wedding party. Then I asked the guests to step into the aisle and turn around to face the villa for a group photo taken by our photographer Erica Akroyd from the Juliet balcony.
Then the wedding party filled in the front for the photo.
Our wedding planner and director for this wedding was Kathy Lusk of Pink Lillie Planning. This was our first wedding together and we loved working with each other to make Katie and Brad's dreams come true for their wedding day. We have another one together at Barclay Villa in March 2017.
Brad and Katie! What a wonderful wedding you put together. Everything about it was so carefully thought out and brought into reality. Thank you for choosing me to join you in marriage--I am honored! I wish you the best life can give you!

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