Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Jessica and Jason Wed at The Doubletree Hilton in Raleigh!

Jessica and Jason and I met in March 2015 to talk about their wedding ceremony on September 18, 2015 at the Doubletree Hilton (formerly The Brownstone) in downtown Raleigh. I had received an email inquiry from them that said: "You married our best man and maid of honor almost a year ago and we loved how personal you made their ceremony. We are not looking for something super religious just something sweet and to the point. If you are available this day, I would love a little more info of what you have to offer!" I remembered their friends' wedding--Trina and Mark at Rose Hill Plantation--very well. It was so beautiful and so sweet. Go take a look!
Dave and I arrived for Jessica and Jason's wedding and took a look at the ballroom all decked out for the reception. Their color scheme was purple! I believe that the hotel provided all the uplighting too.
Burton's Bakery furnished their wedding cake and cupcakes--purple of course!
Their DJ, Steve Penny with Southeastern Entertainment, was setting up and I plugged into his system. 
The other ballroom was set up for the ceremony. Their wedding planner, Nicole Ponder with Premier Party Planners, worked with them to do their own florals with the glass vases filled with lights and topped with purple flowers up front and the candles and flower petals flanking the aisle. The guests began arriving. Jessica also had made wedding programs that were so funny. Some highlights: "[Ceremony] starts promptly at 4:30 PM, we hope you have found your seats by 4:25 or risk the wrath of the bride." The order of service was: Proud Parents, Some Sort of Vows, Exchange of Something Sparkly, Laughter, One Life Altering Smooch! Then: "If you are an immediate family member, after the ceremony we are holding you hostage for photos."
The grandparents and parents entered first then Jason and I entered closely followed by the best man, Mark. Then the bridesmaids and groomsmen entered as couples followed by Trina, our matron of honor. (photo compliments of Jennifer Haygood.)
 Jennifer captured this great shot of Jessica and her dad right before they entered.
 Down the aisle they went. (photo compliments of Jennifer Haygood.)
Jessica's stepfather, Lucas, joined them halfway and the three of them walked the rest of the aisle. (photo compliments of Jennifer Haygood.)
Jessica's fathers transferred her hand into Jason's hand and the fathers took their seats. 
And the ceremony began. A warm welcome to all their family and friends was first. The prayer was next followed by remembering loved ones who are no longer with us but were truly missed.
(photo compliments of Jennifer Haygood.)
 Nice looking wedding party! (photo compliments of Jennifer Haygood.)
We paid tribute to their parents. (photo compliments of Jennifer Haygood.)
Then I got to tell the story their courtship. (photo compliments of Jennifer Haygood.)
 We enjoyed a lot of laughs!  (photo compliments of Jennifer Haygood.)
Jessica and Jason are having such a good time during the ceremony! (photo compliments of Jennifer Haygood.)
 Our pretty bridesmaids are enjoying the story! (photo compliments of Jennifer Haygood.)
I revealed what they had each told me in private what they love about each other and what they are looking forward to in marriage. (photo compliments of Jennifer Haygood.)
The rings are placed followed by a closing blessing with a quote by John Lennon: "A dream you dream alone is only a dream; a dream you dream together, that is reality." (photo compliments of Jennifer Haygood.)
The pronouncement of marriage followed a closing blessing. (photo compliments of Jennifer Haygood.)
The kiss!
I presented them to their guests and they rushed off down the aisle! Such happiness on their faces!
(photo compliments of Jennifer Haygood.)  
Mark and Trina! It was so good to see them again!
Jessica and Jason, congratulations on your marriage! I think you are perfect for each other and I enjoyed working with you to create your wonderful ceremony which all your guests were touched by. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your wedding day!
(photo compliments of Jennifer Haygood.)
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