Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lauren and Rocky's Fabulous Wedding at Caffe Luna!

Caffe Luna was the perfect setting for Lauren and Rocky's wedding on September 26, 2015. It was a Saturday morning wedding and it was sprinkling rain. 
When Dave and I arrived at 10:30 everything was set up and almost ready. At the last minute the curtain over the double doors was hung up. This helps block out distractions from the sidewalk outdoors. The flowers and bouquets were provided by Gregg Kennedy with Brides and Bouquets.
The area for the reception was set and the DJ was setting up. 
Blue lighted candy buffet!
GiGi's Cupcakes brought this arrangement of cupcakes with a cake for the bride and groom to cut. 
I don't mind pinning on boutonnieres at all. They go on the left lapel and it is best pinned from the back of the lapel with the pin going horizontally through the stem of the flower to be secure.
This wine and chocolate is for a unity ceremony in which the wine is symbolic of the bitterness of life and the chocolate the sweetness of life. In joining in marriage, they agree to face both the bitterness and sweetness together.
The DJ was Jamal with Blue Box Weddings. I thank him for patching my mic into his system and regulating the sound.
When it was time, Wayne, Greg and Ed and I entered from the lobby area and took our places up front. Do your see the platform in front of me? That is for Lauren to stand on during the ceremony! She wanted to be more equal in height with Rocky so her dad made it for her and stained it to match the floor of Caffe Luna. 
Rocky escorted his mother, Glenda, in and when she was seated he stepped up and joined us. 
Bridesmaids Allison, Alison, and Morgana entered from the side door since it was raining outside. 
Savannah, our flower girl, entered and sprinkled some petals. 
Our ring bearers, Wyatt and Paul, brought in the rings and handed to Wayne then didn't know where to go from there. Not uncommon! They were motioned over to the groom's side.
Our beautiful bride was escorted in by her parents, Roger and Janet. 
And down the aisle they went then were seated. Lauren stepped up onto her platform and she and Rocky turned and faced each other. The platform was big enough for her to turn either way.
Our photographer was Kyle Griffin with Harvest 27 Films. The videographer was Billy Chavis. At this point the parents are standing to receive their blessing from the couple.
Lauren and Rocky are a fun couple who have known each other almost 10 years. Lauren was just 14 and Rocky 17 when they met. Rocky was smitten with Lauren from the minute he saw her and loved to come over to her parents' house and visit as often as her parents would permit him to! Lauren was rather intimidated by this high school senior who paid so much attention to her! But with persistence, Rocky finally got Lauren to agree to be his girlfriend. After Rocky graduated from high school a year after they met, he joined the Air Force, turning their relationship into a long distance one for about 4 years with only occasional opportunities to see each other. Lauren went on to college and when Rocky got out of the service he also started college but at a different on--at Lauren's request. They really had to get to know each other all over again because they had become adults by this time. After Rocky graduated, they were able to spend a lot more time together and things began falling into place leading to this wedding!
For the first time I told each of them what the other had told me they love about them and what they are looking forward to in marriage.
They exchanged their vows and then their rings. 
Then the wine and chocolate ceremony. Lauren is taking her bite of the chocolate and giving Rocky the eye! 
It was my honor to pronounce them husband and wife and invited them to kiss!
Awww....didn't get a shot of the kiss!! 
Yay! We did it! Lauren stepped down from her platform and they scurried down the aisle!
Before I could even request a review on and The Knot, Lauren wrote this:
"Kayelily is an amazing officiant. She gave us tons of ceremonies to choose from, included personal stories and messages that we chose, did a wine and chocolate ceremony and had an extensive knowledge of our venue (Caffe Luna). She has a very soothing voice and was super easy to work with. Almost all of our guests came up to us and told us what a great job she did and what a beautiful ceremony it was. She also had great information on the legal documents we needed and how to change my name afterward. My husband and I are not religious, so we weren't sure exactly how the ceremony would be, but Kayelily made it absolutely perfect and made it about our story and our love for each other. One of my bridesmaids could not stop sobbing and later told me it was the best wedding she'd ever been in/to! Kayelily is awesome and knows how to make a wedding unique and really meaningful. I highly recommend her!"

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lauren! You and Rocky are and amazing couple and your love has stoodd the test of time. I wish you the best forever! 
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