Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lisa and Fred Wed at 214 Martin Street!

Lisa and Fred wanted a small wedding surrounded by close friends and their families. They chose 214 Martin Street for their venue for their wedding date of November 19, 2016. It is very conveniently located on Moore's Square in downtown Raleigh. They do their own catering and the food is delicious. They also cater off premises as well. 
The entrance to the building that is located in what once was Greenshields, a historic landmark in Raleigh. Also occupying the same building is Market Hall, also an event venue, that opens out into City Market. The two occupancies share the same bathroom facilities and some walls. Unfortunately the walls between the two venues are very thin and not sound-proof and the sounds in each bleed over into the other. 
This is the ceremony area as viewed from the bar area from which the wedding party processes. For this wedding, Valerie Wood played the keyboard for the processional.
View from the "altar" area to the front of the building on East Martin Street across from Moore's Square. I was here in August attending the wedding of my nephew as a guest.
Nick, our DJ with Oak City Entertainment, was set up on the side to provide music for the reception after the ceremony. Nick saved the day! He provided a lapel mic for me. (I did not bring my own as I did not know that Lisa and Fred had hired a DJ.) Fortunately Nick had one and it was definitely needed because as I began speaking the ceremony the very loud, overwhelming sound of cheering and music came right through the wooden wall behind me rendering the couple unable to hear what I was saying in their ceremony and I could not hear myself speaking as well. Nick had the speakers pointed at the guests so my voice came through to them and they were able to hear better than the bride and groom and I could because we were standing right at the wall. It was not a good situation and something needs to be done about these two venues sharing the same space. They need soundproofing on common walls and also to coordinate their events so that one side does not drown out the other. Same thing happened in my nephew's wedding during the speeches at the reception so this was not an isolated event.
Fred was the typical nervous bridegroom and stood off to the side to calm himself! Meanwhile we are waiting on all the parents to get lined up and the signal from the bride that she is ready. Helping the bride get ready was her friend Ivy who along with her husband Todd were the witnesses for the marriage license. I did not recognize them at first but later realized I had joined them in marriage in 2004. I was happy to reconnect with them on Facebook after this wedding!
It is time to walk, Fred! Let's get this ceremony started! (It was very quiet at this moment!)
Fred and I took our positions up front and waited for Lisa and her dad, Mike, to enter. 
Lisa handed her bouquet off to her mother and I asked: "Who presents this woman to be married to this man?" Her father replied "Her mother and I do." Then he placed Lisa's hand into Fred's and everyone was seated. And the the loud music and cheering behind this wall began in earnest.
I stepped out behind Lisa and Fred to welcome our guests, pay tribute to their parents and tell the story of how they met and fell in love.
Lisa is smiling at her beloved and I think he is smiling a back at her. I did not know until after the ceremony that they could not hear what I was saying.
Like many modern couples, they met three years ago in  2013 having been matched up on line. After meeting in person they found they were quite compatible--they both describe themselves as "quiet people." Fred proposed in December of 2015 and they began planning this wedding.
Fred gets to try to hear what Lisa told me she loves about him, why she wants to marry him, and what she is looking forward to in marriage with him.
After the vows and ring exchange and a closing blessing, I pronounced them married!
Fred was most happy to kiss his beautiful wife and that the ceremony was almost done!!
Lisa and Fred, despite the distractions during the ceremony, your wedding was beautiful and so heartfelt. I am so happy you found each other and that you gave me the honor of joining you in marriage! You are so well matched for each other and I know you are enjoying wedded bliss!

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