Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kelly and Casey Get Married at the Raleigh Sheraton!

Dave and I arrived at the Raleigh Sheraton for Kelly and Casey's wedding on November 5th 2016 after another wedding downtown. It was quite convenient. 
The wedding ceremony was in the ballroom on the mezzanine overlooking the lobby downstairs. 
The ballroom had been divided into two spaces temporarily. One side was for the ceremony and the other side has all the tables ready to be spread out into the ceremony space after the ceremony. 
The cake and cupcakes by GiGi are ready!
The cake topper! 
You would assume these are all groomsmen with the groom (Casey is the guy on the right end of the couch) but some of them are bridesmen. In fact there were no bridesmaids at all in this wedding!
The bride and groom had done a First Look so we were all in the same room waiting for the guests to arrive and take their seats for the ceremony.
The parents were relaxing together too. 
I've not seen such a laid back wedding party. Everyone was ready and relaxing. 
Finally it is time to get lined up. Maite Vigil was our director with the Sheraton filling in for Lauren who had a last minute family emergency. Thank you, Maite!
The guests were all seated and every chair was taken. It was a big wedding! 
Casey is talking with Eric Hodgden, our DJ with All Around Raleigh DJs--one of my very favorite DJs. When I first arrived, Eric hooked my microphone into his sound system and we did a sound check. It is so important that the guests be able to hear what I say because the bride and groom and I have worked very hard on the ceremony script.
Heading up the line to enter. The parents were not formally escorted in. 
After all the groomsmen and bridesmaids and I were in position, Eric changed the music to the Bridal March and Kelly and her father, Randy, entered while the guests were standing in their honor. After the presentation of the bride, we began with a welcome to all and a prayer and a blessing of the parents.
Their story was quite funny and the guests enjoyed laughing a lot. There were parts of their story that got a lot more laughter than I expected. Fit these two perfectly too!
One of their adventures that I shared with the guests was Kelly's first experience going goose hunting with Casey. It was hilarious and she was such a good sport. Casey knew that day that he had found The One for him!
Then there was the story of the proposal!
Then they heard what each other had told me in confidence about what they love about each other, why they want to marry and what they are looking forward to in marriage. More laughter!
They said their vows to each other and exchanged rings.
I loved pronouncing them husband and wife! 
There is quite a height discrepancy here but they managed to share their first kiss as husband and wife.
A group hug after recessing with their wedding party! 
I invited the guests out onto the mezzanine for cocktails while this room was being flipped for the reception.
Casey and Kelly, you did a fabulous job creating your wedding day. It fit you perfectly. I am so happy you found each other and that you found me to officiate for you. It was my honor! I wish you all the best ever!

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