Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Friday, December 9, 2016

Danielle and Josh's Long Awaited Wedding at Shady Wagon Farm!

Danielle and Josh have known each other since they were kids in California. Josh always had a crush on Danielle but Danielle just thought of him as her friend's little brother who dressed up as Star Wars characters! They grew up and went their own ways but Josh never forgot Danielle. Fast forward about 13 years later when Danielle and Josh's sister reconnected via Facebook and Josh heard about it and decided to find out if Danielle remembered him. She did. They miraculously found out that they were both single again, with kids, and got acquainted again, this time as adults! One thing led to another and they fell madly in love and made a huge decision to move to North Carolina and start their lives over--this time together. Josh had waited for this moment almost all his life and Danielle realized that his feelings for her were intuitive beyond compare. 
They planned their wedding for October 16, 2016 at Shady Wagon Farm. The venue fit their style of Western/rustic/bling all the way. They found me on the preferred vendor list and Weddingwire and we met in July and began planning their truly amazing wedding ceremony.
Their theme was the KEY. One of my favorite symbols and my logo. 
Six Stylez was their band--here setting up for cocktail hour and the reception on the terrace outside the barn. 
This cake by Ambrosia Cakes reflects lots of bling-- perfect for their sparkly wedding! 
Sparkle theme.......
The barn is decked out for the reception. Many of their guests including parents traveled from California. 
The table with programs was set out for guests before the ceremony.
Anything Music DJ furnished the ceremony music and controlled my sound. JD Silverthorne DJ and I have worked many weddings together and I can always count on him for the perfect sound level.
The jars are all filled with the different colors of sand for the family unity sand ceremony. 
Such a pretty wedding ceremony site. I've been officiating weddings here since they opened and gradually Cindy (the owner) has made incredible embellishments. In the beginning the aisle was just dirt and grass. Now it is paved with bricks stamped with the names of the couples married here.
Mr. Puddy is Cindy's beloved Persian cat I love to visit with every time I come here for rehearsals and weddings. I had been worried about him because the last time I had seen him a few months ago he was seriously ill. It was good to see him still alive and back to normal. He used to come greet me like a dog when I arrived. He has been known to venture down the aisle during a wedding ceremony and also dash across the keyboard of a piano set on the porch during the ceremony!
The wedding is running late. Bride's not quite ready. The rest of us are beginning to assemble on the front walk of the farmhouse. The guests are standing in the shade in back of the ceremony area. It was a hot day for October. Our professional photographer for this wedding is the great Joe Payne and Mews Design did the florals.
The groomsmen and bridesmaids and flower children are getting lined up. 
Almost ready! Love the lacy dresses and cowboy boots! 
The grandparents and parents to be escorted in are getting in line too. Terri Yates, our director and also daughter of the owner of Shady Wagon Farm, is calling out the order. She has her own wedding planning service called Keep Calm Weddings! Perfect! I loved working with her!
The view of the beautiful farm house and old wagon which is always where we begin the processional. 
At this point the groomsmen and I have entered followed by the grandparents. Now Josh will escort in his mother-in-law to be, Debra.
The bridesmaids are next.
Jayden and Azria (Danielle's older daughters) and Helena (their daughter together) are our cute little flower girls. Their not quite one-year-old old son, Chandler, had been carried in earlier.
Our beautiful bride and her father, Dale, emerge from the farm house and make their way down the aisle. 
Dale transfers Danielle's hand into Josh's and she gives dad a little kiss as he takes his seat and the guests are seated while the bride, groom and I walk into the gazebo.
I welcomed every one, recognized the parents and the couple's children then launched into their fabulous story! 
They hear their sweet secret paragraphs then exchange vows. A blessing of their hands comes before the ring exchange.
They exchanged rings.....and then I invited their children to come into the gazebo for the family unity sand pouring ceremony.
Danielle holds Chandler while Josh gives Helena a lift so she can pour her sand into the family jar. 
After a closing blessing, it gave me great pleasure to finally pronounce them husband and wife. 
Sealed with a kiss! 
The newlyweds step into happily ever after! 
Chandler wants to go with them!!
Such happiness! 
Married at last! 
The guests were invited to cocktail hour at the barn while the family members hung out near the country store for photos. Another neat addition to the property and fully stocked inside!
Josh, Danielle---at last. A storybook wedding too. You worked so hard and it came off beautifully. I hope you were as thrilled as I was with the ceremony that truly reflected the two of you. I am so happy you found each other again and that Josh, you never gave up hope. Worked out! I wish you the best always!

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