Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Brittany and Seth Tie The Knot at The Garden on Millbrook!

Brittany and Seth got married on November 4th, 2016 at The Garden on Millbrook in Raleigh. It was a beautiful day and a little breezy but comfortable.
The entrance of the venue features a grand piano on a striking black and white checkerboard floor. Always stunning.
The ballroom is expansive. The seating is set up around the dance floor and the DJ is set up on the wall with the arch decor.
Meet Ace, the beautiful chocolate lab that Seth has raised and trained since he was a puppy. Very well behaved and lovable.
The groomsmen and I are waiting for our cue to enter from the side door and take our places up front. 
Our flower girl, Kaydance, is ready to sprinkle some petals! 
Out of sight of the groom, our beautiful bride is waiting in the foyer with one of her bridesmaids. 
Outside the guests are taking their seats and our photographer Rob Miracle with The Pros is ready to capture the wedding images.
Time for the grandparents and parents to be escorted in. We are in the shade but our guests are facing the sun. 
Seth escorted his sweet grandmother in then stepped up beside me. 
The bridesmaids entered. Brittany's Maid of Honor is her mother. Kaydance makes her way down the aisle sprinkling the petals perfectly!
At this point Seth whistled for Ace who was with his handler in the back. Ace had the rings in a pouch hooked to his collar. Our canine ring bearer!
Seth detaches the rings and hands to the best man, Nate. 
Brittany's proud father, Edward, brings in his beautiful daughter to be joined in marriage to Seth. 
Ace then goes to sit with Seth's parents at that point while Edward transfers the bride's hand into the groom's. 
They face each other holding hands and I delivered a warm welcome to all followed by a prayer, remembrance of those loved ones no longer with us, and a tribute to their parents.
Seth is beaming at Brittany and she is smiling right back. What a joy to have made it to this moment! 
I stepped out from behind the couple to address the parents then I launched into the story of how our couple met and fell in love. They first met as freshmen at Millbrook High School 12 years ago.
They remained just classmates until their senior year. 
It was at a Halloween party at Brittany's that they realized they wanted more than just friendship and their relationship began. The rest is just history!
They each told me in confidence what they loved about each other, why they wanted to marry and what they were looking forward to in marriage. At this moment in the ceremony they are hearing what each other told me!
The vows were exchanged followed by the rings. 
They join left hands. Brittany helped Seth get the ring all the way on her finger. 
Then she placed the ring on Seth's finger. 
A closing blessing followed. The beautiful arch and flowers were furnished by Martha Mazur. 
The pronouncement of marriage is made and I invited them to celebrate their marriage with their first kiss as husband and wife..
They did not have any problems complying with my invitation! 
The Newlyweds! 
Ace joins them as they walk up the aisle into married life! 
Hey, we are really married now!
Brittany's mom, Susan, is escorted out by best man, Nate. 
I caught up with the couple for a photo of the 3 of us then my husband Dave (taking photos for this blog) and I headed out. Brittany and Seth, what a pleasure working with the wonderful couple you are. I love your decisiveness and having a clear vision. Makes my service for you so much better. I wish you the best life can offer forever and always!

I thank you also for the 5 Star review:
Reverend Kayelily was more than a pleasure to work with. She helped us build our ceremony and it turned out absolutely perfect. Kayelily's style of how she comes up with the personal stories is perfect. She will ask individual questions and surprise you the day of your wedding. Seth and I couldn't be happier with how our ceremony was presented. I would highly suggest the use of this reverend for any wedding. Kayelily was really open to our thoughts on religion and it is obvious to me she has a wonderful heart that is open to anyone's own way of thinking. Thank you Kayelily!

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