Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Alex and Meghan Wed at Barn at Valhalla!

Alex and Meghan planned their wedding for October 22nd, 2016 at The Barn in Valhalla in Chapel Hill. It is a great venue and there are many spots on the property for the ceremony. They chose the deck in front of the big fireplace. It was small for their large number of guests but we packed them in. Every seat was taken and standing room only. Made it all the cozier! 
The itinerary for the wedding was posted on this chalkboard. 
The view of the lake from the deck of the barn. So pretty. 
On the other side of the lodge the clear vinyl tent is set up and this is the head table. Rustic and elegant at the same time.
A view from the barn across the expanse of the tent where unloading is still going on. North Raleigh Florists furnished the florals. 214 W. Martin did the catering. CE Rentals provided the tent and furnishings. 
Actually as it turned out there were no sides to pick as there was no center aisle!
Our videographer George Street of George Street Photo & Video. Jakob Photography did the stills and he has photos of this wedding on his website--go look!  
Collin Yarborough was our DJ and I plugged my microphone into his battery pack, did a sound check and we were good to go.
Going over the reading with their reader, Sarah.
Back in the barn--their guest book was a globe for everyone to sign. The brides are quite the world travelers, you see!
Okay, time to get lined up to walk in. First was Jean, Alex's grandmother who raised her. 
Then Jane, Meghan's mother, was escorted in by Meghan's uncle Jim. 
The wedding party was next. It was a rather large wedding party too including a sweet little girl named Addie who got to ride in the wagon.
More wedding party follow behind Addie. 
And more! 
Up the long ramp they go. 
At last the Bride's Man and Maid of Honor--Dylan and Carrie. 
Alex adjusts her grandfather, Bernice's, jacket for the long walk. 
It is time to go says their wedding planner, Lynn Scott with Happily Ever After
After Alex has processed in it is time for Meghan and her dad, Jay.
Oops! The veil fell off! A quick reattachment by their make-up artist following behind and Lynn rushing to help.
Fixed and off they go! 
Ah, what a good looking wedding party. Being close to the guests made the wedding cozy and even more memorable. Here I am addressing Meghan's parents on her behalf.
Then Alex's mother and grandparents. 
Without further ado I launched into a rendition of their story like no one had ever heard it told before. Alex and Meghan have a wonderful sense of humor so it was filled with laughter.
                                                   The proposal in Paris under the Eiffel Tower!
Meghan can always persuade Alex to go on just one more trip! 
Now for what they told me in confidence they love about each other and why they want to marry. 
They wrote secret vows which were printed in my book facing them so they could read them to each other. 
Meghan saying her vows to Alex.
Alex saying hers to Meghan.
The exchange of the rings.
The closing blessing.....
I pronounced them married and invited them to kiss!
And they did while everyone cheered!
Uh oh---Meghan's dark lipstick got on Alex. A quick wipe needed before they are presented to their guests. 
Meghan, get your bouquet! 
With Alex still wiping the lipstick she thinks is still there, I introduced them to their guests! 
After a quick touch up of their make-up, we pose for the traditional photo. What a great wedding. The guests were all over it! Although I had to push these two to hurry up and get their secret paragraphs to me on time, Meghan thanked me for nudging them because it made for the most wonderful wedding ceremony. Alex, I am simply in love with your hair style. It is so perfect for you! Thank you for choosing me to join you in marriage. It was an honor and a pleasure. Congratulations, you two beautiful brides!

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