Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Rustic Elegant Wedding for Rachael and Jordan at Rock Quarry Farm!

Rachael and Jordan chose Rock Quarry Farm in Chapel Hill for their wedding venue. It is really the perfect place for a rustic laid back wedding. The owner lives in the farm house and has added a barn with open boards and exposed metal rafters. It is big and open and with fans it is breezy. 
Rachael had a vision for her wedding and she added the florals provided by Pine State Flowers giving the decor a touch of elegance. Their wedding date was September 24, 2016.
A view toward the back of the barn flanked by woods. 
Rachael made this beautiful wreath hanging in the center of the barn. 
In the sunporch of the farm house the bridesmaids are hanging out with mother of the bride. 
The guy showing off for the camera is our videographer Jonathan "Kaz" with F8 in Motion. That is his assistant and the two guys on the rail are our groomsmen.
The carport is transformed into the bar for cool drinks on this very hot day in September.
The guests are arriving and taking their seats on the benches lined up for the ceremony.
The sweet little cabin in between the barn and the carport houses the restrooms. You would never know looking at the front. The entrances are from the rear.
The table with guest book and for depositing cards and gifts. 
Our wedding director, Becca with C and D Events, gets the parents and wedding party lined up in the driveway. 
Mother of the groom and mother of the bride were escorted in. 
Jordan and I lead the groomsmen in. 
Becca cues the bridesmaids.
Now for our beautiful bride! 
Rachael's father places her hand into Jordan's and is seated with the guests. 
Jordan's brother, Jeremy, was supposed to be his best man but at the last minute he couldn't come. So Jordan's father, Justin, stepped in. I just love the way the arbor is decorated with the flowers and greenery. I have a feeling that Rachael designed that too.
When it was time for the Parents' Blessing, I asked Jeremy to step over and stand with Jordan's mother. Because both Rachael's and Jordan's parents are together, we were able to pay tribute to them and thank them for always being there for their children. It is a touching moment because it is a surprise for the parents.
Jordan and Rachael met in 2011 while both students at Florida Gulf Coast University. Jordan spotted Rachel first and was determined to meet her. And so he made a bold move and six months later they were a couple. They finished college and took a huge step in moving to Raleigh 800 miles away without jobs lined up in advance. But they made it through the lean times just fine. Jordan proposed on July 24th 2015, they bought their first house and then began planning this wedding.
Hearing the secret paragraphs for the first time now.
Exchanging vows and rings.
Rachael places the ring on Jordan's hand. 
After a closing blessing, I made the pronouncement of marriage! 
Everyone cheered when they kissed! 
I introduced them to their guests and told them to get their confetti ready to throw on the couple as they made their way back up the aisle.
Jordan and Rachael--what a great wedding! I hope it fulfilled all your dreams and you are now enjoying wedded bliss. So great working with you to create the perfect ceremony for you. I wish you the best always!


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