Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Allison and Nick's Wonderful Wedding at The Pavilions!

Allison and Nick planned a fabulous wedding at The Pavilions at Angus Barn--always a great place for weddings. I met with them back in January to plan their wedding ceremony for June 25th, 2016. They liked how together we would create a very personalized ceremony and so we signed a contract and got their date/time on my calendar.  June 25th was a beautiful day in Raleigh. The weather was warm but not uncomfortable.
It was very important to Allison and Nick that their guests not be distracted during the ceremony by using cellphones and cameras as well as getting in the way of our professional photographer: Sarah Lawrence with 2&3 Photography.
The Pavilion was open and airy. They have the collapsible doors on three sides that so cleverly disappear when the weather is nice. Our florist was The English Garden and the centerpieces, bouquets and ceremony arch are so pretty.
A wedding cake covered with sprinkles!! Sugarland created this unusual cake to the specifications of Allison and Nick.
Why are you taking my picture, Dave? Actually it is because I am holding the very special glass wrapped in a napkin that Nick will smash in honor of Allison's Jewish heritage. Her mother had given us a very lovely old wine glass that had belonged to Allison's great grandmother. We saved the pieces and they will be incorporated into a keepsake of the wedding.
Our harpist, Gina Bombola, was tuning up under her tent. Direct sunlight can affect the strings. 
Matt, our DJ from Spin, has his mobile system all set up to mic me for the ceremony. 
The main characters! 
Those loved ones who are no longer with us physically but remain in our hearts!
Chris Wheaton with Heartstone Films is set to video the ceremony. Looking forward to seeing the video!
Nicole with Erin McLean Events and her assistant, Lilly, get the processional of grandparents, parents and Nick and me lined up across from the ceremony area so we don't have to walk so far. 
Grandparents are in--now for the parents!
Nick and I wait our turn after the mother and father of the bride enter. Dad circles back to the pavilion to get the bride.
The groomsmen make the long walk to the ceremony area.
Then the bridesmaids......
We are all now waiting for the bride. I asked the guests not to stand yet, so Nick can see Allison approach!
And here they come!
The guests are standing in honor of the bride as she and her dad turn the corner. 
Hello, everyone! 
It is a popular trend now days to include the parents of the groom for the presentation. As Allison and her dad passed the front row, Allison's mother and the parents of the groom also stepped forward. They all 4 got to say "We do" to the question: "Who brings this man and woman to be married to each other?"
Hugs all around then the parents are seated. 
And so we began. Thank you to all who made the journey to be with us. Remembrance of those who could not be with us this day. Then a very heartfelt tribute to their parents who have been their role models in how to maintain and nurture the most intimate and loving relationships.
Then the story of how Allison and Nick met, fell in love and got to this day. 
It was such a sweet story of ups and downs, adventures and challenges, filled with times of laughter and the sweetness of tears.
Then they got to hear what the other told me they loved about them and what they are looking forward to in marriage. Then they made their vows to each other by reading them from my book. 
The exchange of rings was next followed by a closing blessing. 
I retrieved the glass wrapped in the napkin stashed nearby and placed it in front of Nick's right foot and then explain the significance of the Breaking of the Glass ritual. Next was the pronouncement of marriage.
Nick smashed the glass as we shouted "mazeltov" which means good luck and congratulations while they enjoyed their first kiss as husband and wife!
The newlyweds! 
Allison and Nick--a fabulous wedding! I loved it. I think your families and guests did as well. You were wonderful to work with and I thank you for giving me the honor of joining you in marriage!

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