Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Stephanie and Joshua Happily Married in Kayelily's Garden!

Stephanie and Joshua came to see me to plan their wedding in April. Within just a few days we changed the wedding date to February 20, 2016 in my wedding garden. As I am sure you all know, the weather in February can be just about anything with little to no warning. But God was smiling on these two lovebirds and their blended family for their wedding day.
Riley, Joshua's daughter, and Austin, the sweet little son of one of our bridesmaids, were ready to get this show on the road!
Our DJ (son of our Maid of Honor) and Groomsman Glenn hanging out before the ceremony starts......
Meantime I am filling the vessels with the pretty colors of sand. 
We are almost ready to begin! Notice the weather is really cooperating--no precipitation or freezing! 
After the bridesmaids and flower girl and ring bearer got into place it is time for the bride! Stephanie is escorted in by her mother, Kathy, and her son, Matthew.
The transfer of hands is made and the guests are invited to take their seats. 
So here is the whole wedding party: on the left is Morgan (Stephanie's daughter), Nicole (bridesmaid and mother of Austin), then Melanie (Maid of Honor), Austin and Riley, the couple and me, Patrick (Best Man) and Glenn (groomsman). There really was not enough room for Matthew to stand so I invited him to sit with his grandmother.
The view from the upper deck.
The ceremony included blessing the children and both Joshua and Stephanie having words for each other's children. Stephanie got down on Riley's level to make sure she understood.
Speaking to Stephanie's kids, Morgan and Matthew.
We also remembered Stephanie's father who passed away 3 years ago. A memorial candle was burning during the ceremony in his honor.
Exchanging their vows and rings......
Stephanie puts the ring on Joshua's finger.
For the family unity sand ceremony I poured in a layer of white sand representing God as the foundation for this family, invited Stephanie and Joshua to pour ½ of theirs in, then it was Riley's turn to pour in her sand.
Morgan poured hers in.
Matthew's turn.
Then Stephanie and Joshua poured the remainder of theirs in together. 
Making the pronouncement of marriage.
I rang the bell as they shared their first kiss as wife and husband!
There is that sweet after-kiss moment!
Introduction of the newlywed couple!
This beautiful family is now official! 
The customary pose of the couple with me!
Stephanie and Joshua, I am so happy that you found each other and found me to marry you! I think you are a wonderful match for each other and wish you all the happiness in the world!
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