Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wonderful Wedding for Dayna and Nick at Highgrove Despite the Rain!

Dayna and Nick began planning for their wedding on September 25, 2015  before they even moved to North Carolina! They had met and were living in New York but their careers in retail management were bringing them South and they fell in love with Highgrove Estate in Fuquay-Varina and then contacted me. We skyped in October of 2014 and started working on the ceremony. I did not meet them in person until their rehearsal. 
They had this pretty banner made. I just love it! 
The dessert choices!
Drinks, anyone?
This pretty wedding cake was by Sweet Memories
The garden ballroom was almost ready. We were waiting for the rain to stop. 
Inside the house the candy bar was ready.The florals were provided by Flowers on Broad Street.
Their guest book and programs were ready.
The announcement awaits the arriving guests. 
Did I say it was raining? Oh yes, most definitely. A steady misting kind of rain. I met with Dayna and she decided it would be best for all that the ceremony take place in the ballroom. So once the call was made, the ballroom was readied for the ceremony.
Lenny Fritts, Touch of Class DJ, came in the house where I was to show me a photo of the ballroom now ready for the ceremony. He provided the uplighting.
So, just waiting for a few more guests to arrive and we will begin.
The petals flanked the aisle and the jars of baby's breath hung on the aisle chairs. 
Lenny is ready!
Nick and I entered and took our places.
Groomsmen Brian and Lance followed.......
Amanda was next. Our wedding director with Highgrove, Angela Wright wields the umbrella! 
Our Matron of Honor, Malika, sister of the bride.
Nieces of the bride, Maliah and Amaya, were our sweet flower girls.
And now our bride and her father, Reamus, enter. 
The bride was presented and all the guests were seated.
Dayna and Nick turned and faced each other and we began! 
After the welcome and prayer, we recognized Dayna and Nick's children, Carson and Clara.
That is Clara (7 months old) sitting in the lap of a guest on the first row. She was very quiet but Carson unfortunately was so energetic (not quite 2 years old) he had to be taken into the house to be entertained!
I told their story which the guests loved hearing, revealed to the bride and groom what each had told me in confidence they love about each other, then they exchanged vows and rings.
      A family unity sand ceremony where they poured their sand and their children's sand together.
Then the pronouncement of marriage!
A sweet kiss to seal the deal!
And here they are--husband and wife! 
A great photo of Dayna and Nick with Carson who is a happy little boy! Congratulations, you two, and welcome to North Carolina. I wish you health and happiness all your days!
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