Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Friday, October 16, 2015

Cathleen and Jamey Wed at Caffe Luna!

Two weddings in a row at Caffe Luna! Each very unique. Cathleen and Jamey and I met back in March 2015 to plan their wedding ceremony on September 27, 2015. They knew they wanted to include Cathleen's 9 year old son, Evan, in the ceremony and I gave them lots of ideas for that.
We were so happy that it was not raining this day although it was overcast. Caffe Luna's main room was set up with an especially wide aisle because Cathleen's father and her son were escorting her down the aisle.
Once in a Blue Moon Bakery made the cupcakes and the top cake for cutting.
Our DJ was Daniel Palattella with Danamare Productions. Dan is an experienced DJ who has done a lot of weddings at Caffe Luna so he knew the ropes and set up his mobile unit in the perfect spot in the back of the room. We plugged my mic in and the sound was perfect!  Their photographer was Kimberlee Edwards
When it was time to begin, Jamey, Brad (one of my former grooms from 2004) and I waited for the signal to enter.
Tricia, our matron of honor, entered with her daughters, Sara and Amelia, our shy flower girls! 
Cathleen entered with Evan and her father, Pete, joined them on the way down the aisle. 
"Who stands with this woman to give her family's blessing for this marriage?" Pete and Evan answered "We do."
It was Evan's job to place his mother's hand into Jamey's and he was very seriously carrying out his job!
Evan took his place with Brad and the ceremony began. 
After welcoming the guests, we started the rings going around for the blessings of the guests (ring warming ceremony). Then we had a blessing especially for Evan.
Cathleen read the sweetest words to her son invoking some tears from many of us!
Then it was Jamey's turn to express his love to Evan and his happiness having Evan as his son. 
To commemorate their family unity, they engaged in the Unity in Glass ceremony. They each had their own glass crystals which they poured together into one container. Then they will send the crystals away to be formed into a beautiful glass-blown sculpture to grace their home. Here is a link to the Unity in Glass website. I think this is a beautiful idea.
It was fun to tell their story in a way their guests had never heard. They met on line back in 2012, got cold feet, then reconnected in 2013 and discovered how compatible they are.
Eventually they combined households and then Jamey pulled off a surprise proposal at The Umstead on the two-year anniversary of their first date. Through happy tears, Cathleen said yes and the course was set.
They spoke their vows to each other reading them from my book. 
They exchanged rings.....
I made the pronouncement of marriage while Evan looked on!
Sealed with a kiss! 
And off they go! 
When I arrived for Cathleen and Jamey's rehearsal, Brad, the best man, recognized me and said "I think you did my wedding." When I said my name, he grinned and said "Yep, it was you!" After the rehearsal I went back into my photo archives and found the wedding photo of Jenn and Brad who were married at Duke Gardens in November of 2004. 
Eleven years and two adorable sons (Miles and Logan) later, here they are! It was so good to see them again and meet their kids! 
Jamey and Cathleen, what a great wedding! It was so heartfelt. I know your guests loved it. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day. I know you are so happy and I wish you all the happiness life can give. 
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