Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Heather and Johnny's Beautiful Spring Wedding in my Garden!

Heather contacted me on March 30 about doing their wedding in my garden sometime soon. Seems that she and Johnny have been trying to get married for years! They have known each other for 9 years and have been engaged for 6! In fact, Heather bought her wedding gown 5 years ago! But career changes and advancements for both meant they kept having to relocate and the wedding plans just got postponed over and over. They thought they would just go to the courthouse and get it done until Heather "stumbled across" my website and discovered my wedding garden!
So, on April 11, 2015 we all gathered in my garden. It was a gorgeous spring day and the azaleas were showing off their beauty. Heather's mother and sister and her husband had flown in from Texas for the wedding too.
When we are ready to begin, Johnny's daughter, Lauren walked in from the deck.
Then Amber, Heather's sister, who was her Maid of Honor.
And now our beautiful bride! 
She carried a lovely bouquet to which was attached a photo of her father and his wedding ring. He passed away many years ago but he was with us for sure in spirit and in token on their wedding day! 
All our guests are standing for the bride!
And we begin with a welcome to all and a prayer. 
Then a blessing for Lauren and a little gift for the occasion. 
The camellias added their pretty blooms to the mix. 
We had quite an age range of guests! 
The vows...
The rings......
Feel the happiness in this turn and gaze about you at all who have come to honor you on your wedding day!
Closing blessing.....
Pronouncement of marriage! 
Sealed with a kiss! 
Married--at last!!
Lauren is so happy! 
Kate Pope photographs a lot of weddings in my garden. She gets some great shots--like this one! You can see more of this wedding on her blog when she posts this wedding.
Heather and her family: Noah and Amber, her mother Judie, Heather and Johnny and Lauren. 
And so it is done! Congratulations, Heather and Johnny! I trust you had a fabulous celebration at Angus Barn later and are basking in wedding bliss!
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