Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, April 6, 2015

A Wonderful Wedding at Home for Sparkle and Lyron!

Marty and I arrived at Sparkle and Lyron's beautiful new home in Willow Spring on their beautiful wedding day, April 4, 2014 (which happens to by mine and Dave's 16th wedding anniversary). Their pretty tent was blowing in the breeze and the chairs were all in place and ready for the wedding.
 They wisely installed the rear wall of the tent to prevent the breeze from blowing right through. 
A Special Event provided the tent, chairs, dance floor, tables AND that wonderful carpet runner! This, in my opinion, is the only kind of runner to have on grass, concrete, hardwood and decking because it is heavy enough to stay in place and won't wrinkle with each step and catch on shoes. Here it is folded over to shorten then will be pulled out straight before the processional.
 After the ceremony, the round tables and the chairs will be placed around the dance floor.
 Here is the runner extended its full length which looks like at least 50 feet to me. 
Our DJ was with Feel the Sound Music. After getting my microphone plugged into his sound board and doing a sound check, we went over the processional music order.
 Meantime, Jamaican Jerk Masters catering team was setting up the buffet. Yummy...
Lyron is the tallest guy in the photo and to his left is his dad, Liston, and to his left is Keemo, Lyron's son. Elroy, one of the groomsmen, is on the left in the photo.
Lyron gets a photo with is grandmother, Adena, while his mother, Judith, stands behind them. They flew in from the Virgin Islands to be here.
Keemo escorts in his great grandmother. Lyon thanked them all in the ceremony for making the long and expensive journey to be with them from the Virgin Island where they live and where he grew up. He additionally thanked his grandmother from Tortola, British Virgin Islands, for her strict upbringing, strong leadership and genuine care for without it, their family would not be together today. So sweet.
Next up is Lyron's father, Liston, and his stepmother, Reynalda. To the right is Kindria, our fabulous wedding director who did a great job!
 Lyron escorts in his mother, Judith. 
 Sparkle's brother, Dathan, and her mother, Barbara, enter next.
Now it is time for the wedding party. Lyron and I lead the way followed by his best man Lindell who is also from the Virgin Islands, then groomsmen Elroy and Keemo. 
Kindria makes sure Carter, Sparkle and Lyron's 3 year old son, stays back while our pretty bridesmaids process in.
Our first flower girl is Lyannah, Lyron's 11 year old daughter.
Now it is time for Carter to enter with his ring pillow followed by Sparkle's niece, Taylor, to make sure he gets down the aisle! 
The gate to the fence through which we entered was closed and Dathan and Sparkle emerged from the driveway for Sparkle's big entrance when the gates were opened! (She really is true to her name and sparkles!)
 There they go down the aisle on that wonderful aisle runner! I cannot say enough good things about it! 
And so we begin with a warm welcome to everyone. 
 We bow our heads in prayer. 
We remember those no longer with us and then pay tribute to the parents and Lyron's grandmother. Carter looks like he is having some fun as Lindell holds him in tow!
Now it is time to tell their love story and it was really humorous! Everyone was laughing about how they met at work and the proposal story. It was so good, I had to stop and wait for the laughter to die down before I could go on.
 They made their vows and exchanged rings. 
(The pretty flowers were provided by Flowers on Broad Street.) 
Sparkle's Aunt Kim graced us with her a cappella performance of The Lord's Prayer. It was incredible! 
 The pronouncement of marriage......
 This is the kiss either before or after Lyron dipped Sparkle! 
 Our photographer, Shawn Harrington Video and Photography, was close by to get a good shot of the kiss!
The Maid of Honor, Barbara, Sparkle's sister, hands her the bouquet so I can present them to their guests as husband and wife!
 Out they go! 
Sparkle and Lyron! You pulled off a good one. Thanks for all your meticulous planning. It was a beautiful wedding and I know from all the laughter that everyone had a great time at the ceremony and I am sure the reception was a grand celebration of your marriage! I wish you the best of everything!
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