Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Gene and Julie Renew their Vows!

Gene and Julie renew their vows every year. They married on 12/28/1999 so this year is the 15th renewal of vows for them. Gene called me about a week prior to the date to see if I could do their renewal of vows ceremony for them. The date worked for me so I set about writing a ceremony for them. In the process I found out that they are such a wise couple. They met back in 1995. Both were in the broadcasting business and heard about each other but had not yet met in person. The attraction was instantaneous but because both had been married before, they wisely decided to go to a marriage counselor to see if they were compatible and learn relationship skills so as to not repeat any past unproductive patterns. Turns out they are a match made in heaven and in a spur of the moment decision while in New York City 4 years later, they decided to marry and have never looked back. Since then they have co-hosted many radio shows in many places--California, New Mexico, Texas, Georgia and recently moved to Raleigh where they host the WRAL Gene and Julie Show in the morning.
When Marty and I arrived at Julie and Gene's beautiful home in Raleigh on December 27th, (they changed the renewal ceremony to the day before their wedding anniversary because they had an opportunity to go to the Outer Banks for a few days beginning on the 28th) it was still gorgeously decked out for Christmas.
The delight of their lives is their 10 year old daughter, Sophia. And they also have a sweet doggie, Reggie--a family of four all represented with stockings!
Gene was in the kitchen looking like a gourmet chef which he denied he was although they have owned and operated an Italian restaurant in Texas, among their many other adventures.
The day was sunny and very pleasant temperature-wise so we decided to go outside to the backyard area. 
This wire snowman made a good witness for the ceremony so we decided to stand near him. 
And so we began with words on love and marriage in which they believe. 
It was so obvious that their love for each other has endured and become deeper and richer through the years.
Sophia joined us and to avoid little "gifts" from Reggie deposited in the grass, she stood on the stone wall. That was perfect because some words in the ceremony were for her too! 
I wrote their ceremony guided by my intuition of what I thought they would like and reflected their marriage. They previewed it and said it was perfect. So, it was a joy to deliver!
Speaking of love as Sophia and Reggie look on!
They read vows from my book to each other.
Then they had some special words to say to each other.
The symbolic exchange of rings....
The pronouncement of re-commitment!
Sealed with a kiss!
And so it is for another year! I hope to be doing another vow renewal ceremony for you next year, Gene and Julie! We can break a glass for the occasion this time! Thank you for calling on me to be of service to you. You are a fabulous couple and although I am not up early and commuting to work mornings to tune into your show these days, I hope to see you around Raleigh for other occasions!
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