Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What a Fabulous Wedding for Phyllis and George!

Phyllis and George are such a delightful couple. I am so glad they found each other and then found me to officiate their wedding. They were having trouble finding a rabbi to marry them and decided to go with me and we were all really happy about that. I was available on November 22nd, 2014 and that turned out to be a perfect date for them. They had thought they might have their wedding in my garden or in a private room in a restaurant but finally decided to have it at their home in Cary which really worked out best for all.
A photo of Phyllis and her sweet rescue chihuahua, Romeo ("Romey" for short). Then on the right, a photo of our couple dancing. I think they are probably excellent dancers.
Kind of looks like they might start dancing here!
 Yes, we will have the ceremony in front of the fireplace. Is that okay with you?
Yes, but I am worried that if you try to break the glass on the carpet, it might be too soft for the glass to break. 
Oh, says George. I can fix that, whereas he proceeds to go get a board--looked like a shelf-- and places it between their feet onto which I would place the lightbulb which was tucked inside a sock (clever!).
 Are we ready?
 Surrounded by their children and spouses and a couple of neighbors, they were ready!
When I arrived for their wedding, George told me that their neighbors, Don and Delores wanted to speak with me privately. Oh my! They confided they wanted to surprise the couple with two readings. Being that my contract is with the couple, I don't usually allow any surprises from others in the ceremony. But I liked theirs a lot and knew Phyllis and George would too, so gave the okay. Delores read a poem "Touched by an Angel" by Maya Angelou.
Don is reaching for his reading which is a poem he wrote as if it was Romey, Phyllis' dog, writing it to Phyllis. 

At first I smelled him on your clothes...A stranger's scent upon my nose.
One day you came in very late and announced you had a date.
How sad for me, my life was doomed...No more walks or being groomed.
And then a knock upon the door...My life would change forever more.
And just as all my senses ceased...I heard the jingle of a leash!
Those worried days are in my past...with dog years time goes very fast.
And now you say that you will wed...I've just one question 'bout the bed.
I understand he's yours to keep, but where oh where now will he sleep?
He cares for us and now we are three...Happiness for you and me!
George and Phyllis, Romey too...My doggy dreams have all come true! 

 We all loved it! 
And so to continue with the was an interfaith ceremony. Phyllis is Jewish and George hails from the Christian Science school of thought. So we included a reading by Mary Baker Eddy from her "Science and Health Key to the Scriptures" on Marriage. We then had the cup of wine and seven blessings in the Jewish tradition.
 Phyllis drinks first.
 Then George....
 They exchanged vows then rings.......
I made the pronouncement of marriage then I placed the lightbulb at George's feet after explaining the meaning of the breaking of the glass, asked him to break the glass......
 Which he did with great gusto and a very loud stomp as we shouted Mazel tov! 
 A sweet kiss to seal the deal! 
 So happy to be married! 
 Another guest at the wedding!
Then I noticed Romey crouched down and trembling near the board where the glass was broken. I am pretty sure that George's stomping the glass really scared him! He must have thought "what's next, oh dear!"
 It's okay, Romey! 
Phyllis was telling us how the weekend before the wedding they took Romey to a "Bark-Mitzvah" in Cary and so now he is officially a Jewish dog and has a little star of David tag on his collar! Love it!!
What a delightful wedding! It was so much fun and so sweet. George and Phyllis, thank you for giving me the honor of joining you in matrimony! Congratulations to you both and to Romey!

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