Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Friday, November 21, 2014

Reganne and Scott's Beautiful Fall Wedding at The Oaks!

November 9th, 2014 turned out to be a beautiful fall day. Perfect for Reganne and Scott's wedding day! The leaves were in their glory! Especially this beautiful oak tree that has sheltered so many weddings at The Oaks at Salem in Apex.
About 150 guests were expected and the chairs were all in place and runners down each side of the aisle made of fabric petals pre-attached to a strip of netting that simply had to be unrolled and put in place. Nifty!
Across the lake under the tent over the terrace, the orange and purple linens were on the tables. 
 Their signature tree for the guest book was ready for the guests to write their names on the leaves. 
 Joslin, the director at The Oaks, was having a brief meeting with the groomsmen and groom.
Meanwhile, Marty was in the bar area photographing this amazing cake. It was made by the mother of the bride with sparkling sugar frosting, purple and orange flowers and topped by a blown glass topper of a dragon and a phoenix!
 Back across the lake, our violinist, Udeshi, was all set up and playing while the guests were getting seated. 
 When it was time, Joslin gave us the signal to begin our trek around the lake to the ceremony site. 
 Come on, gang! 
 So, now we are in position and awaiting the bridesmaids! 
 And here they come, making their way around the other side of the lake. 
 Our Maid of Honor, Colleen, escorts the "dog of honor" Rory, the 4-legged child of our couple.
 Here come William and our first flower girl, Sara...."wait up, don't walk so fast!" 
 Trailing right behind them is Ally, the other sweet little flower girl! 
Reganne's parents, Beth and Charles, have the privilege of escorting their beautiful daughter around the lake and down the aisle. 
 Welcome to everyone! 
 A blessing for their parents followed. 
Then I got to tell their story! They met freshman year at Clemson when Scott arrived late for physics 101 class and took the first seat he could find which happened to be right next to Reganne! All she could think was "why did the nerdiest guy in the class sit next to me?" They ended up being study buddies their first two years of school and then lab partners their junior year. They spent an enormous amount of time together but Reganne never saw herself dating Scott, much less marrying him!
One evening while taking a dinner break together while working on a robotic dragon for class their junior year, Reganne had the first inkling that there might be something more to their relationship than just friendship when Scott shared his brownie with her! But Scott was oblivious until they went back to finish up their project when he worked up the nerve to put his arm around her and she did not push him away. And that was all it took to break through the "only friends" barrier and they soon became a couple.
I am revealing to Reganne what Scott told me in confidence he loves about her and wants to marry her. And then I told Scott what Reganne loves about her and why she wants to marry him.
They chose the hand fasting ritual in which their hands are bound by a cord that represents their love.  I was quite impressed to find out that Scott learned seven-strand braiding and made the cord!
And then they exchanged their vows while their hands were joined in the configuration of the infinity symbol.  
 The rings were exchanged.....
I asked them to look around them at all their loved ones who were there to honor them on this day. 
 Then the pronouncement of marriage.....
 The kiss and the "after kiss" moment! 
I don't remember what we were all looking at right then--maybe Rory who was waiting patiently on the bride's side? 
After the guests headed over to the terrace for the reception, the wedding party hung out for photos. John Carter with Perfect Day Images provided the photography, videography and DJ for the event. Rick was the DJ, Caroline Z was second shooter to John, and Robin Crews was videoing. Thrills from the Grill was catering the event.
Reganne and Scott, you are so perfect for each other! I am honored to have joined you in marriage and I wish you the best of everything throughout your marriage!
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