Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, November 10, 2014

Nicole and Daniel Tie The Knot at 1705 Prime!

Nicole and Daniel came to see me on February 8th this year about officiating their wedding on October 26th, 2014 at 1705 Prime. We talked about the ceremony they wanted and I explained how we go about developing the ceremony together. They loved the idea of being able to decide what I would say at their ceremony and that it would be all about the two of them and their love for each other.
This whimsical and colorful cake by Edible Art gives you a clue how much fun Daniel and Nicole are. 
The reception room was ready for the reception. The colors were gray and orange and carry throughout. 1705 Prime is the home venue for Rocky Top Catering. Yum!
 This is one of our flower girls--either Olivia or Madison. They were precious! 
The other flower girl! What do you suppose was going on inside her head about why all those cameras were pointed at her!
It was my pleasure to work with Udeshi, our violinist, again. We have done so many weddings together this year!
And so the guests are all seated and it is time to process in. The parents and grandparents went first, then Daniel and me.
 And just before the bride, our ring bearers and flower girls make their way down the aisle! 
 Our Maid of Honor, Dawn, and Best Man, Joseph, Daniel and I wait for the bride! 
 Nicole's father, Nick, brings his beautiful daughter down the aisle. 
"Who has the privilege of presenting this young woman, Nicole, to be married to this young man, Daniel?" Of course Daddy said "Her mother and I do." Back up on the top of the steps we began with a welcome, prayer, remembrance of those loved ones who have passed on, and a sweet tribute to their parents whose marriages have stood the test of time.
 Nicole's aunt and Godmother, Judy, presents a reading from First Corinthians.
Nicole and Daniel met in their hometown of Butler, Pennsylvania, at the Snack N Pack 8 years ago when Daniel worked there. Two years later, they had become such good friends they decided to become a couple and later moved to North Carolina to be near Daniel's family. They both returned to school and expanded their family by adopting their canine children, 2 pugs named Rocco and Mia. In September of 2013, Daniel proposed and the wedding planning began. Then I revealed to each of them what the other had told me in confidence about what they love in each other and look forward to in marriage. 
 Then it was time for the vows and rings. 
We are cracking up here because I mistakenly said the best man's name instead of the groom's (oops!) when I handed the ring to Nicole! She said "I don't think so" and we all had a good laugh!
 Time to pour their sand together. 
When they have children, they can add more sand for each child.
 The pronouncement of marriage! 
 A sweet kiss! And may I point out the beautiful arch of shiny magnolia leaves with orange flowers behind us? It as gorgeous. Fresh Affairs of course!
 The "after-the-kiss" moment! 
Daniel and Nicole, husband and wife! 
 We did it! 
Time for the post-ceremony photos by Jennifer Kidd and her second shooter! I have done weddings with Jennifer for years.  We both grew up in Georgia too. She is always a sport and a lot of fun but she is a very dedicated photographer, too. I wish I had a photo I could post here of her laying down on the ground covered with leaves and dirt at the end of the aisle capturing the bride and her dad processing in.
Nicole and Daniel, I know you are enjoying wedded bliss and I know you are glad that the wedding is behind you now. It was wonderful and I am honored that you chose me to officiate for you. I wish you all the best!
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