Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Laura and Michael's Fabulous Wedding at Rose Hill Plantation!

What a wonderful wedding! Laura and Michael chose the beautiful Rose Hill Plantation in Nashville NC for their wedding on October 18th, 2014. The wind was a bit blustery that day but the sun was shining and the temperature was very comfortable. Before the ceremony, my assistant, Marty, scouted around the property and captured photos of items and places for this wedding while I checked in with the couple and their wedding party pinning on boutonnieres and handing out wrist corsages and collecting the signatures for the marriage license.
The gazebo on the lake is a work of art by Fresh Affairs. I am always astounded by their vision. And the draping of the front of the gazebo in addition to being beautiful actually served as protection from the wind coming across the water for the bride and groom and myself. My sound system is also hidden behind the curtains and out of sight!
 The Wooden Wedding box was on the table in the gazebo and ready for the ceremony. 
 The view of the back of the manor house from the gazebo area. 
It was a bit too blustery for our two cellists, Phil and Tim, from Florian Music out on the grass so they relocated to the porch. It worked well. 
On the way to the reception hall you can see another outbuilding, the wishing well and the rocking chairs!
 Is this not Southern or what? 
The beautiful reception hall with expansive porch for cocktails after the ceremony. 
 Inside was this beautiful cake by Cinda's Creative Cakes
 The head table so beautifully appointed. Rose Hill does their own catering too. 
 The beautiful floral arrangements by Fresh Affairs
 The Stone Age Romeos are getting set up for the reception.  
It is time for the ceremony to begin. All the guests are seated and Michael and his father, Michael Sr., his best man, and I take our places to the side of the guests from where we will enter.
 Mother of the Groom, Kim, is escorted in. 
 Then the mother of the bride, MaryAnn, makes her entrance!
The groomsmen and bridesmaids entered and last but not least, James, our 2 year old ring bearer, made his way down the aisle! So cute.
 Here comes the bride! 
 Laura's dad, Jeff, presented her to be married and placed her hand into Michael's hand. 
 The groomsmen in their cute bow ties.......
 The bridesmaids with their beautiful gray dresses and coral flowers--Fresh Affairs, again! 
Welcome to all, a prayer, remembrance of those no longer with us, and then a tribute to the parents and stepparents of the couple.
Then I stepped out front to tell the guests the story of how Laura and Michael met. They met through friends while Laura was at ECU. Michael was visiting friends at the apartment complex where Laura lived and they spotted each other while they all were gathered at the pool one day. There was an instant connection.
They had a lot of fun in Greenville dating and hanging out with their friends, but when Laura started her master's degree, things got a lot more serious.
She was having to make a difficult career choice and Michael was her steadfast support. The relationship became long distance for about 2 years--from Washington DC to Greenville then Charleston. When Laura made her decision about school, they settled in Raleigh where she could attend Duke.
They grew even closer and Laura loved showing Michael where she grew up. Michael proposed about 6 months later while on a trip to Charleston. Laura was thrilled and immediately began planning this lovely wedding!
And now to reveal to each of them what they told me in confidence they love about each other and what they are looking forward to in marriage!
  And so we welcome Laura and Michael to the unparalleled promise of marriage!
 Michael reads his vows to Laura. 
 Laura reads hers to Michael.
 "I give you this ring as a pledge of my love and devotion. With this ring, I thee wed!"
 And Laura said the same to Michael as she slipped the ring on his finger.
They got a beautiful wooden box that held a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. During the ceremony they placed a love letter to each other that was sealed and to be opened only on their fifth wedding anniversary.
 The box was locked. 
As part of the closing blessing, I asked the bride and groom to turn and gaze around them at their friends and family honoring them on this special day. It is really a sight to be taken in and remembered.
 The pronouncement of marriage where they legally become husband and wife!
 There is always a sweet moment after the kiss when it all sinks in! 
 Wonderful couple! 
This is Christobal with Azul Photography in action challenged with getting family photos after the wedding. Not an easy feat! Behind him standing on the grass is a server with cocktails and appetizers waiting to serve the wedding party and family.
There was little time for me to squeeze in between the family groups to get a shot with the couple. Unfortunately both Laura and I had our eyes closed! Maybe I can get Christobal to send me a better one that he got! Nevertheless, Michael and Laura, what a great wedding. I know you are pleased it was such a wonderful unforgettable day. I wish you the best always!
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