Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Incredibly Stunning Wedding of Sarah and David at the Carolina Inn!

Where do I begin? Sarah and David's wedding on October 25th, 2014 at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill is one of the most stunning weddings of my career as an officiant! I should have known it would be because I officiated the wedding of Sarah's cousin Celia in 2011 at The Umstead and it was also spectacular. Go take a look here at that wedding. Most of the same vendors for both weddings.
The team from Fresh Affairs had erected this amazing chuppah and were arranging the flower petals in the aisle. 
They were actually using brooms to sweep the petals into the pretty swirls. 
Simply gorgeous!!
I loved standing in the chuppah surrounded by thousands of flowers! 
At the back of the aisle, a garland of greenery was used between two topiaries to block the guests from coming down the aisle to be seated. They were seated from the sides.
Our musicians from Save The Date Music are getting set up. 
Dennis Huffstutler from Cinema One Studio was ready to video the wedding. 
Back in the black and white hallway, the groom and family were hanging out before the wedding. David, our groom, is wearing a wonderful orchid boutonniere.
His brother Brian, our best man, was hanging out too. 
The groom and best man showing off their loud socks! 
Debbie, Angie's assistant with Chic Details, is keeping an eye on the reception area. 
Caught in the act is the flower wizard himself, Lyn Graves, owner of Fresh Affairs and the brilliant visionary behind the fantastic florals for this wedding and for Celia's wedding too.
The place settings are done. 
To honor David's Italian heritage, the favors are Italian cookies.
These centerpieces look like they are floating in air above the tables. If you look closely you can see the clear plastic support. Fabulous!
The cake by Sweet Memories before the floral embellishment to come. 
And they are still working on it! 
The Bride and Groom table. (Someone needs to remove that paper towel!)
A wider view of the John Hill Ballroom as it is being transformed. 
Meantime, totally unrelated to this wedding, some very young ladies are having a tea party birthday celebration in the lobby of the Inn!
Relaxing before the wedding with the mother of the groom, Linda-Jean!  
Dara Blakely is our photographer and above is Kathy, her second shooter. 
The guests are ready! 
So, Angie, the owner of Chic Details, begins cuing in the grandparents. Is that not the sassiest little dress Sarah's grandmother is wearing?
David's parents.....
Father and stepmother of the bride.....
Mother of the Bride, Sharon......
The guys and I......
Waiting for the bridesmaids......
Here they come!
Waiting for the bride now......
Dara makes her way to the aisle to get our beautiful bride's entrance.
Angie fluffs the train....
And here they come!!
Bill presents Sarah to be married to David....
And so the couple and I stepped inside the chuppah and we began the ceremony with a warm welcome and explanation of the chuppah, a prayer and in memoriam. 
I stepped around front for the Parents' Blessing and to tell Sarah and David's story. They met back in 2009 when Sarah began her first job after graduation from Carolina. It was in Washington DC and just so happened to be with the same company where David worked. They saw each other at company functions and events over the next few years and became friends. After spending the whole evening together at a company Christmas party in 2011, then again at another function the following February, David decided to ask Sarah out. Which he did by email...and still she said yes! They went to a pizza restaurant and talked so long the place closed around them and the waiter finally kicked them out. It wasn't long before they became a couple and practically inseparable. After nine months of dating they decided to move to the Raleigh area to be near Sarah's family and David's brother, Brian, who already lived here. David proposed in September of 2013, after which they both changed jobs, bought a new house AND planned this wonderful wedding!
This is the part where I revealed to them what their partner had told me in confidence that they love about each other and what they are looking forward to in marriage.

Saying their vows to each other...
Brian, may I have the rings please?
The symbolism of the rings.
The rings are placed..
A closing blessing for the couple's future....
And now I pronounce you......
A sweet kiss....
The "after the kiss" moment as it all sinks in! 
Yay, we're married! 
I quickly removed my microphone and gathered up my equipment from Karen, the sound person from the Inn. She did a fabulous job because the sound was perfect! Thanks, Karen!
I spotted Celia and Scott while I was doing the ceremony and was so happy to see them afterwards and get this photo! I had not seen them since their wedding more than 3 years ago. Congratulations on your new baby, Celia and Scott! It was wonderful to see you again!
Sarah and David, you created an unforgettable wedding and I thank you for choosing me to join you in marriage! I wish you the best forever!
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