Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, October 20, 2014

Alana and Mark's Beautiful Wedding at Brier Creek Country Club!

Alana and Mark and I hit it off right away when we met last March. They are a fun-loving couple and wanted a fun wedding ceremony that reflected their personalities. I loved working with them to co-create an amazing ceremony. Their wedding took place at Brier Creek Country Club on Friday October 3rd, 2014. The weather was overcast and rain had been predicted but it did not happen and we had comfortable temps. The club is a beautiful place for a wedding and I love doing weddings here.
The ceremony took place in the Jasmine Court at the club. There used to be jasmine climbing on the pergola but last year it had to be removed because it was so over grown and unruly. The brick aisle assures us that the bride and bridesmaid's high heels don't sink into the soft grass.
Meanwhile, back inside the ballroom the reception was all set up. 
Fresh Affairs furnished the centerpieces and the bouquets and boutonnieres. 
Cinda's Creative Cakes made the top cake for cutting and the assorted cupcakes. 
A sweet note from the bride and groom.
Ben with Southern Entertainment was our DJ for the wedding and the reception. I plugged my own microphone into his body pack and the sound was perfect! Thanks, Ben!
At the club, the guys and the families hang out in the men's locker room lounge and when we are ready to begin the line-up. we get into our places to process in around the side of the garden.
Mark escorts in his beautiful mother, Patricia, who came from her home in Spain for the wedding!
Waiting for the pretty maids! 
Nicole Psomas, our wedding director, has brought the bridesmaids and bride out from the women's locker room lounge and Alana's dad, Randy, joined them for the line up.
"Uncle Mark, Here comes your Girl!"
And now it is time for our beautiful bride Alana to make her grand entrance. She is so pretty.
We are all waiting....
And down the aisle they come......
And so we began.....
Isn't that "horizon" blue from David's Bridal an amazing color? So striking and looks good on all the women. I must credit Chico's for my outfit which is a very good match.
I stepped out from behind the couple to speak to the parents and to tell their interesting story.
They met in a bar--neither of them ever thought that would happen in a million years! But Lucky's was the bar where  the Raleigh skeeball teams played. Little did Alana know she would meet the love of her life the night she showed up with a friend who played.
She and Mark noticed each other right away and started getting to know each other. Alana conveniently let herself be recruited onto a team and the rest is history!
The story was full of good humor and Mark's brother Kevin thought it was pretty funny too!
Then they got to hear what each other had told me in confidence that they loved about each other. 
They made their promises of marriage to each other.
Alana placed the ring on Mark's finger.
Mark placed the ring on Alana's finger.
The pronouncement!
That sweet moment after the kiss! 
We are really married! 
Stepping into their new life! 
Nicole directed the guests to the terrace for cocktails while the wedding party was hiding out before coming back into the garden for photos by 2 and 3 Photography.
Alana and Mark, you pulled off a fabulous wedding! I loved working with you and I am so happy you found each other even if it was in a bar--only kidding! I wish you all the best forever!

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