Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gorgeous Wedding for Emily and Chad at The Sutherland!

This post has the most photos of any other post here. I started with over 100 photos and got them down to 50. This wedding was so pretty and the pictures were so good I just decided to include more. Hope you enjoy.
Emily and Chad chose the beautiful historic estate in Wake Forest known as The Sutherland. The wedding day was August 30th, 2014 and it was very pretty weather albeit a bit on the hot and humid side. Inside the air conditioned sunroom stood this beautiful cake by Ashley Cakes flanked by yummy looking cupcakes.
Marcus Ward with Morse Entertainment was our DJ for the ceremony and the reception. He brought a Countryman theater mic for me to use. I was thrilled because that is the kind of mic that I bring with me to plug into the DJ system. This saved me from having to do that. Thanks, Marcus!
We adjusted the sound so that it was perfect. The couple and I worked hard and spent many hours to create their wonderful ceremony and we certainly wanted everyone to hear the words!
Checking in with Ashlee Adams, the owner of The Sutherland, about getting the chair for the matron of honor, sister of the bride, who had a baby one week ago! Ashlee and I have worked together since she opened The Sutherland 6 or 7 years ago. She has done a beautiful job restoring the old estate, adding structures to fit in and make weddings really special.
 One of the parlors--the parents and grandparents hang out here before the wedding. 
Another parlor where the bridal party hangs out after they get dressed and ready for the ceremony upstairs. 
 This is Courtney, our matron of honor, fulfilling her legal duty by signing the marriage license. 
 This is her husband--did not get his name--and their week old tiny baby, Zoe Grace. She was so good! 
Cooling off in the parlor after photos outside by our great photographer, Stacy Borelli and second shooter of Swank Photo Studio. It was good to do another wedding with Stacy!
 All the pretty maids and a baby in a row! 
Outside we had a table near the ceremony area for cards and decorated with photos of the couple from babyhood and up!
This huge pavilion is the newest addition to The Sutherland having opened just this year. It is a wonderful Plan B (Yay, no more tents!) and of course the perfect place for the reception.
Kevin Dehimer with Rocky Top Catering has everything all set up for the reception. Always delicious!! You rock, Kevin! 
 Plenty of room here and a dance floor! 
 Isn't that clever! 
This is called the Groom's Terrace and is on the other side of the manor house from the Walled Garden. Before the pavilion was built it was the reception area. Now it is the cocktail area with a built in bar.
The original building on the estate is this Settler's House and is where the groom and groomsmen (and I) hang out before the wedding.
Two shuttle buses brought most of our guests from Raleigh and they have arrived and been seated for the ceremony in the beautiful Walled Garden.
Donna, Ashlee's assistant for this wedding, fetched Chad, Erik and me from the Settler's House in the background.
 The groomsmen who had been escorting guests, are now lined up to escort the bridesmaids in. 
 Erik, brother of the groom and best man, gets the cue to escort his grandmother in.
 The mother and stepfather of the bride enter. 
 Once she is seated, Chad, Erik and I walked in from the side gate and took our places. 
 Our Junior Bridesmaid, Kaylee, entered solo first. 
 Then Ashlee and Brooks entered.
 Kayla and Casey
 Maria and Justin
 Maid of Honor, Abby and Ryan, another brother of the groom.
 Courtney, sister of the bride and Matron of Honor, and Kurt, yet another brother of the groom! 
 Bringing up the rear was Austin with a sign that said "Here Comes the Bride!"
 Ashlee fluffs the train and off they go....
 Emily is proudly escorted in by her dad, Tom. 
 And so we begin with a warm welcome and remembrance of those who could not be with us. 
Then the parents stood and received their blessing from the bride and groom, and gave their blessing for their marriage.
Little did Emily and Chad know when they were little fourth graders at Oak Grove Elementary School in Cary that they would someday be husband and wife! After grade school they went to different middle and high schools and lost touch. They both ended up at UNC Greensboro and re-discovered each other six years ago and realized they had something really special.
They took their relationship slow and enjoyed every moment. Chad cooked up a really romantic proposal on June 28th, 2013 and of course Emily said yes. Then the wedding planning began. Here they stand this day ready to pledge their hearts in marriage.
 They wrote their vows to each other and read them from my book.
 The exchange of rings....
 The big moment they legally become husband and wife! 
 Actually, there were two kisses! 
 We're married! 
Family and friends, it is my great pleasure to present to you for the first time, Chad and Emily, husband and wife!
 Kaylee and Austin exited and the sign he is holding on the way out says "Just Married!" 
 I did not get a photo of Chad's parents entering so here is one of them exiting!
Aaah, yes! Emily and Chad, super-fabulous wedding! Hope you are still honeymooning in CanCun as I post this! Loved working with you two and I know you are so happy and will have a great marriage!

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