Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wedding DJs

I found this article in a blog about wedding DJs and thought it was very good. The author is Sammy Deortha.

"Weddings DJs have had a dramatic increase in their responsibility and role at wedding receptions. Nowadays, they are a key part in the success of the reception and the ceremony. This tends to pose many questions. What are the differences between a wedding coordinator/planner/director and a modern wedding DJ? Perhaps you would like to know more about their responsibility levels as well. There are many things that a wedding DJ does to run the itinerary of events in modern receptions in addition to the work done by the coordinator. As these professions continue to evolve, we are sure to see more consistency in these responsibilities.

A wedding coordinator will generally take care of the events the day of, including the preparation and everything leading to the ceremony itself. This is an area where the wedding DJ is doing hardly anything and is considered the wedding coordinators turf. An experienced DJ would be wise to assist the coordinator in the ceremony to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, while not over-stepping their boundaries.

Many times a DJ will be hired to play music for the ceremony as well as the reception. This is because it is much more affordable to pay a DJ an extra hour to provide the microphone and the music. It is best if the DJ helps the wedding coordinator but does not lead the coordinator. The coordinator and the bride and groom have already discussed exactly how the ceremony should take place, so it is best for the DJ to take a passive role here.

When the ceremony is over, guests will usually enjoy a cocktail hour where there will be a hosted bar with some appetizers. This is the perfect opportunity for the wedding party and the bride and groom to take photos with their wedding photographer. This break, is another perfect opportunity for separation from the guests, to allow a grand entrance of the wedding party. The entrance is usually coordinated by the DJ with some assistance from the wedding coordinator. When the entrance and announcement of the wedding party is complete, the bride and groom will usually walk around to greet their guests for a few moments before dinner.

This is the time in the night where there is generally a transition in responsibility. The wedding coordinator would be wise to take a more passive role in coordination, as the rest of the evening is based around entertainment which is discussed with the DJ and the bride and groom. An experienced wedding DJ will know exactly what to do to keep your guests interested and staying at your wedding reception. It is important that the DJ has a very active role in getting your guests to flow from one event to another, with assistance from the wedding coordinator. A very experienced wedding DJ will be able to handle all of the itinerary events without the help of a wedding coordinator. This etiquette is extremely important in the success of a wedding reception and ceremony."

Here is my chance to tell you about three of my favorite DJs. The top photo is of Ross Merle and me at a wedding reception at Shady Wagon Farm. Often his wife Alice plays the keyboard for the wedding ceremony and Ross handles the reception. Nice combo. The second photo is of Bill Smith and Lenny Fritts at Bill's wedding in February 2008. What a fun wedding and I was honored to officiate for Bill and even attended the reception where there were many DJs I knew! In fact, next weekend I am officiating the wedding of Sandra's sister, Lori, and her fiance, Todd, and I will get to see their families again this year. What a treat! Ross, Bill and Lenny are happy to help the wedding coordinator with the ceremony logistics and will even direct the wedding if there is no coordinator. I also really enjoy working with Joe Bunn and his DJ staff but I don't have a photo to put here.

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