Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Beautiful Wedding on November 29, 2008 for Traci and Tim!

Traci's mother, Carol, contacted me in early October about officiating Traci and Tim's wedding at Brier Creek Country Club. The couple lives in Wilmington so Carol was handling the local details. Both sets of parents live in the Triangle area. Carol and I met in late October and signed a contract and then I sent all the ceremony material to Traci and Tim so they could get started on their ceremony. They did a wonderful job and the ceremony was beautiful. I did a small amount of rearranging for order and flow and minor editing and the ceremony was all set.

I meet Traci and Tim for the first time at their rehearsal on the 28th. Rebecca, the wedding coordinator at the Brier Creek Country Club was there to make sure we had everything we needed and the ceremony room was beautifully appointed with greenery and lots and lots of votive candles on the hearth and mantle of the fireplace where the couple and I would stand for the ceremony. John Carter was also there for the rehearsal. John is the owner of A Perfect Day DJ and Company and provided not only the music for the ceremony and the reception but also the photographer, Jeff, and the videographer, Robin. Traci and Tim's friend Patricia was the honorary wedding director so she and I worked together with the wedding party to make sure the wedding processional and recessional would go smoothly on the wedding day--and it did! Thanks to Patricia's attentiveness and quick thinking, she noticed that there were not enough chairs on the front row as grandparents were being seated so she and our DJ, John , quickly added three more chairs to the first row and the processional continued.

Tim, his Best Man and brother, Joey, and his young son, Sam, our Ringbearer, and I entered from the side of the room after the mother of the bride was seated. Then our Maid of Honor, Angela, processed in. The music changed, the guests stood to welcome and honor the bride, as our Flower Girl, Ella, preceded Traci and her Dad down the aisle sprinkling flower petals. The Father of the Bride transferred Traci's hand into Tim's and carefully stepped around the bride's train being careful not to trip on it as I had warned him at the rehearsal! We began with a warm welcome to all our guests and followed with a prayer. We remembered those who could not be with us. Then there was a tearful tribute to their parents thanking them for all their love and support. Tim's sister, Sandy, then told us the story of Tim and Traci and how great they are together. MaryBeth, Traci's cousin, presented the Indian Wedding Prayer and got choked up a few times! Then I gave the wedding address, words on love and marriage, which flowed into the blessing of the hands ceremony. Traci and Tim exchanged their vows and sealed them with their rings and I made the pronouncement of marriage. I could tell they had been practicing "the kiss" because it was a good one! (Their homework assignment from the rehearsal was to practice the kiss!) The guests cheered and we closed with a blessing for Traci and Tim and their new life together. As I introduced them to their guests, Traci raised her arms and bouquet in a sign of victory! Sorry I did not get a photo of that--in fact, the battery of my camera ran out so I did not get as many photos as I usually do!
Tim and Traci are a great couple and I know they are so happy together! Have a great time on your honeymoon----I suspect that they are likely snowbound in their cabin in the NC Mountains as I write this!

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