Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lisalynn and Ron's Wedding at All Saints Chapel in downtown Raleigh

Lisalynn and her mother Carol contacted me last fall about officiating Lisalynn and Ron's wedding at All Saints Chapel which was due to open in 2008. This was the first I had heard of this new wedding venue in Raleigh. The chapel was built in 1875 by the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in the Gothic style with clerestory windows in line with the grandeur of European churches but smaller in scale. Between 1899 and 1914, the chapel was moved from its original location on the corner of Hillsborough and McDowell Streets to Morgan Street to make way for a new building. In 2006, the chapel was moved again to its present location on S. East Street near the corner of East and Hargett Streets.

With a penchant for history and a belief that the All Saints Chapel historical renovation would be a perfect site for their downtown wedding, Lisalynn and Ron became involved and watched the chapel return to an historical 1914 look-and-feel with a front room coupled with 150 year old lumber and materials, by perservationist Greg Hatem. Lisalynn and Ron are one of the first couples to be married in the restored chapel. It was my first wedding in All Saints Chapel and it was terrific. It is quite large and will seat 130+ in the sanctuary and has a full basement with space for receptions plus the parking lot where a tent could be put up. Misty Ash, the event manager there, was on top of everything and very organized and helpful. Thanks, Misty! I have another wedding scheduled there in September and look forward to it.

Ron and Lisalynn's wedding day was Sunday, June 15th, also Father's Day. The reception was held at Caffe Luna and they had their guests park near Caffe Luna and hired a trolley to transport their guests the few blocks from Caffe Luna to the chapel for the wedding and back to Caffe Luna for the reception. What a great way to continue the historical theme of the day!

Now to Ron and Lisalynn's lovely wedding! Lisalynn's father escorted her down the aisle and then transferred her hand over to Ron. The couple stepped up onto the altar and the ceremony began. We welcomed all the guests, making them feel like an intimate part of the ceremony. We thanked their parents for all they had contributed to their lives to this moment and paid tribute to Ron's late father and his influence in Ron's life. Lisa's sister, Lauren, presented a reading The Key to Love by Robert M. Millay.

They chose to incorporate the Celtic tradition of hand fasting into their ceremony--such wonderful symbolism as they joined their hands in the configuration of the symbol for infinity in this historical setting. They said their vows then exchanged rings. Next came the lighting of the Unity candle which proved to be a bit of a challenge since it was taller than the couple and Ron had to get up on the step of the higher altar to join their flames to light the candle but it was finally successfully lit! We had the pronouncement, kiss and in closing their guests read in unison The Irish Blessing to the couple and then they were on their way to their new life together!

Laura Byrne, harpist, and Pam Nelson, flautist, provided heavenly music! It was good to work with them again. Bob Taylor was the videographer. Bob and I see each other often at weddings and other gatherings. Melanie Fitzgerald with Cinema One was the still photographer. Misty, thanks to you and your assistant, Jill, for making this wedding flow so smoothly! I look forward to working with you again! That's Misty and me in the photo here. We really enjoyed working together!


normK said...

Kayelily -

Very nice writeup! That chapel is going to be a great place for weddings moreso because of its history.

Thanks for all your help!

One thing tho - the still photographer was Melannie Fitzgerald and the video was Bob Taylor.

Again - thanks!

PS - the renovator is getting married in the chapel as well.

Dreadlord said...


Thank you so much for your patience and guidance during our ceremony, it was a blessing to have a "rock" at our sides to keep us calm and focused.

So many people asked me if I was getting nervous as the hour approached, and I kept answering a stoic "No, we have been together many years now - there is nothing to be nervous about.". Well, that quickly changed as I saw Lisalynn in a whole new light as she was escorted down the isle by her father. I was overwhelmed with emotions of sheer joy. Your lightest touch on my arm helped me keep my emotions in control. That can only come from experience and kindness, and for that I thank you. Let's face it, a room full of crying family members is one thing, but a groom who is a weeping mess is something different - even if it's tears of joy.

We would recommend you to anyone getting married. Thanks for everything!

Ron & Lisalynn Bradley

Laura Byrne said...

What a pleasure it was to work with you at Lisalynn and Ron's wedding at All Saints Chapel. I am sure All Saints Chapel will become a favorite for Triangle brides looking for a historic landmark for their ceremony. The acoustics are marvelous and particularly favorable to harp and flute. This wedding was very sweet and charming with so many celtic references! As always, you made the wedding so personal and special and unforgettable. I look forward to the next time I work with you!
Kindest regards,
Laura Byrne