Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Jaime and Zac's Wedding at The Umstead!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Noelle and Alex's Beautiful Wedding at The Oaks at Salem!

Alex and Noelle chose to have their beautiful wedding at The Oaks at Salem in Apex. It is a fantastic setting for weddings with everything in one place and plenty of parking. Their staff does such a great job of taking care of everyone.
Their adorable wedding cake with the cats was baked by Sweet Memories Bakery
The guests are gathering before the ceremony under the tent. August 13th was one of the hottest days of the summer of 2016! The ceremony was in the direct sun so the guests were not seated until right before we were ready to begin the processional. MEWS Designs was the florist for the wedding.
Charles is our DJ with All Events DJ with his assistant for the day. Probably talking about the heat!
Their guest book! 
Nice touches for the ceremony.
The guests have been seated and Alex and I followed by his groomsmen make our entrance. 
The guests are ready for us to begin. 
We take our places up front in the direct sun. 
The bridesmaids make their way around the lake. 
Vivenne is hurrying along! 
Here comes the bride! 
The ceremony begins.
A sweet tribute to their parents was followed by their story. They met at NC State in  Japanese class. Alex admits he took the class looking for a girlfriend because there was a scarcity of women in Electrical Engineering! He spotted Noelle and the pursuit began! Five years later, he proposed!
August 13th was one of the hottest days of the summer of 2016! Alex and I were dripping with perspiration like faucets. I mopped Alex's face several times as well as my own! Noelle on the other hand was managing to stay cool!
They exchanged rings and vows. 
Dried him off before the pronouncement of marriage! 
I pronounced them married and invited them to kiss!
Mission accomplished! 
We circled back around to the front of the house for photos. Despite the intense heat, it was a gorgeous wedding and they are married! Congratulations, Alex and Noelle! I wish you the best always.

Galina and Seth Marry at Caffe Luna!

Though coming from two seemingly different worlds (Seth grew up in Iowa and Galina in Russia) Galina and Seth'a lives have intertwined together. Their paths crossed in North Carolina 4 years ago and the relationship steadily grew closer and closer. Seth proposed on the beach and Galina said yes. They set a wedding date of August 7th, 2016 and chose Caffe Luna for their wedding venue.
The restaurant was so nicely prepared and ready. Fallon Flowers did the florals. Christobal Perez with Azul Photography was on hand to capture this wonderful wedding.
Our DJ was Anthony Garnes and he provided the music for the day. 
The big room for the ceremony is awaiting the arrival of the guests. 
SweetCakes4U provided the small cake for the bride and groom to cut and the cupcakes for their guests.  
Time to get all lined up outside the back door to enter. Seth's grandmother is first to enter followed by Seth's parents then Galina's mother and stepfather.
And now groomsmen and bridesmaids enter as couples. 
Galina will be escorted in by her brother, Igor, who escorted in one of the bridesmaids then returned for Galina. She was so excited. A beautiful bride!
The guests are standing for Galina's entrance. 
And so we began this wonderful ceremony. 
A warm welcome to all the guests, an opening prayer and sweet words to their parents were first.
Then I got to tell their story like no one has ever heard altogether. 
Then they got to hear what their partner told me on confidence they loved about each other. 
They exchanged their vows and rings and after a closing blessing and the pronouncement of marriage I invited them to share their first kiss as husband and wife.
Sweet moment!
Introduction of the newlyweds!
They made their way past their guests to the area in the back for photos. 
Galina and Seth, what a wonderful wedding you put together. It was a joy to work with you to craft your very special ceremony. Thank you for giving me the honor of being part of your special day!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Wonderful Wedding for Muffy and Adam at The North Carolina Museum of Art!

I met with Adam in January about officiating his and Muffy's wedding at the NC Museum of Art on July 30th, 2016. She could not be at our meeting and although we had planned to meet later, I did not meet Muffy in person until their rehearsal. But, I got to know them both pretty well during the ceremony creation process! They chose the Bells & Whistles ceremony with their story and secret paragraphs.
Morgan Greer is the event manager at the museum and we have done many weddings together. I thank him for sending Adam and Muffy my way. At our rehearsal the day before, the weather was swelteringly hot and muggy and the same was expected on the wedding day. Morgan decided to allow the wedding to be inside the Classical Gallery, a first and probably only time. Typically at the museum your wedding can be outdoors or in the old museum building. We were delighted with his decision, not only for ours and the guests' comfort but the stunning setting!
The pedestals of flowers were strategically placed to shield the guests from a nude statue wielding a bat you will meet later! 
In the reception area, this gorgeous contemporary cake by Cinda's Creative Cakes was on display. 
A Watered Garden provided the florals for the wedding--pedestals and flowers, centerpieces, bouquet and boutonnieres.
Their photographer, Amber Hatley, was getting photos of the reception in the museum restaurant, Iris.  Elijah with Morgan Scott Films was our videographer. Here is a trailer video of their wedding
The guests have arrived and are milling about in the area where cocktail hour will be. 
The guests are directed to be seated for the ceremony and we got lined up and Morgan cued us in.
After everyone was in, Muffy and her dad, Albert, made their way to the gallery where the guests awaited.
Muffy is wearing the most beautiful soft gray wedding gown. The bright flowers just pop against it. 
The guests are standing in honor of the bride!
It was a full house with standing room only! The music for the processional and recessional was provided by violinist, David Binanay.
Muffy and Adam turned to face their guests while I told their story. It was full of laughter and fun! 
I loved it when the guests laughed at all the right places! Muffy is cracking up. 
They are trying to keep straight faces! 
Their secret paragraphs were so sweet.
I am telling Adam how much Muffy appreciates his being such a great cook! 
As they exchanged their vows, the statue with the bat seems threatening! 
The vows had a couple of funny lines in them too. 
Adam said his words and placed the ring on Muffy's finger. 
Wait! The ring goes on his left hand! 
A closing blessing........
The moment I pronounced them husband and wife!
The guy with the bat is watching the kiss! 
Adam makes sure we all get a photo of this kiss! 
May I present to you for the first time...........
Now married!! 
Muffy and Adam, I was thrilled with your wedding. Your guests were fabulous and really "got into" the wonderful ceremony we created together. Thank you for choosing me to be your officiant. I wish you the best forever!