Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, October 2, 2017

Angela and Anthony Wed at The City Club Raleigh!

Angela and Anthony chose the elegant City Club Raleigh for their wedding on September 16th 2017. 
It is an upscale venue with a commanding view of the city. The guests are waiting for the ceremony to begin.
One of my favorite photographer, Cara with F8 Photo Studios, is doing the honors. She is also one of my brides-to-be!
Angela's grandfather William has double duty today. First he escorts in his daughter/the mother of the bride Regina and his wife/grandmother of the bride Gayle!  DJ Ryan Shelton with Triad DJ and Events was providing the ceremony music and my sound too. Thomas Whited with Thomas Blake Films was our videographer.
Anthony and I stroll in to take our places followed by the groomsmen. 
Time for all the pretty bridesmaids dressed in beautiful navy dresses. Tyshia with the club is cueing the girls when to walk. Love working with Tyshia! 
Fallon's Flowers provided all the florals and bouquets.
And now it is time for the bride!
William proudly escorts his beautiful granddaughter down the aisle to be married. 
"William, as Angela's grandfather, do you and your family give your blessings to her as she comes to join in marriage to Anthony?" Of course he answered "We do." Then he carefully took his seat without stepping on the bride's dress! And I invited everyone to be seated.
Here we go! Angela is so excited and Anthony cannot take his eyes off her! 
After the opening words, a blessing, and a surprise tribute to the couple's parents, I got to tell their story! 
There were lots of opportunities for laughter in their story! 
Anthony  could keep a straight face any longer! 
Then they each heard what the other had told me in confidence why they love each other and want to marry. 
Still some more humor here!
They exchanged their vows......
Then the rings.....
I handed them the loveletters they had written to each other without sharing and they placed them in the anniversary box to be opened on their first anniversary. Then they stepped back in front of me.
They are officially pronounced husband and wife and invited to share a kiss!
The Anniversary Box.
After the ceremony, on our way out, we passed through the mezzanine where Adam Pitts was entertaining the guests for cocktail hour.
Then the cake was delivered to the room which was being flipped for the reception. Edible Art made this striking navy blue cake! 
Angela and Anthony! What a fun wedding for a fun couple. I loved writing the story of how you met with all the humor and all your adventures. And, I heard later that you two actually sat on thrones for the reception! Cool! Have a great marriage! May all your dreams come true! 

Beautiful Wedding for Meredith and Thomas at The Oaks at Salem!

Meredith and Thomas live in Florida. Their wedding day was September 9th, 2017 just as Hurricane Irma was sweeping through Florida and up through Georgia into Tennessee. For that reason, some of their guests sadly could not make it to their wedding. Their photographer from Florida had to be routed through Chicago to Raleigh but she made it. It was a crazy time but their wedding was beautiful here in North Carolina.
The first thing I do when I arrive at a wedding is get my sound equipment on and do a sound check to make sure every guest can hear the wonderful words of the very personalized ceremony the couple and I have created together.
The Oaks at Salem is a gorgeous wedding venue. They recently put a beautiful walkway around the lake from the house to the ceremony site.
Looking from the walkway over to the mansion and the tent over the terrace where the reception will be. 
The view from the reception area to the ceremony site. They also put in a fountain in the small lake. 
The reception area is all decked out for the reception. Catering by Design is the caterer. 
Meredith and Thomas met and fell in love in Raleigh then Thomas' career relocated him to Florida and Meredith relocated there as well. But they love North Carolina and featured the state as their guest book!
Mel Manning is our DJ. Always a pleasure to work with Mel! 
So now the guests are seated for the ceremony and the parents have been escorted in. Time for Thomas and I to make our trek around the lake and take our places.
The bridesmaids and groomsmen make their entrance. 
They are all wearing sneakers! 
All are in place and ready for the bride to make her long walk around the lake with her father. 
And they are almost here! 
After words of welcome, remembering those not with us, and a tribute to their parents, I got to tell the story of how they met and fell in love, what attracted them to each other in the beginning, and all their adventures together.
It all began 7 years ago when they lived next door and Thomas was a student at NC State.
There were some funny times too! 
Then I revealed to Meredith what Thomas told me about why he loves her and wants to marry her. 
Then Thomas hears what Meredith told me!
They exchanged vows and then the rings.
Meredith gets that ring on Thomas' finger as she says words after me. 
The pronouncement of marriage! 
Thomas wasted no time kissing his bride! 
The newlyweds! 
They were so happy to be married! 
Meredith and Thomas, thank you for choosing me to officiate for you. I loved working with you to create exactly the ceremony you envisioned. Best wishes for a wonderful marriage!