Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Adam and Conley's Wedding at The Pavilion Photo by Katherine Miles Jones

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Mandy and Julian's WEDDING day of March 18th, 2017 began with rain and on the chilly side. But, by 4:00 it was sunny and dry. BARCLAY VILLA  looked beautiful and pristine. 
 The gazebo was all hung with lovely florals by VICTORIAN SEASONS
 Turn around and see the castle behind us with the Juliet balcony. The skies were clear! 
 The gazing pool was clear and beautiful. 
Julian and Mandy did a first look with their photographers (Darrell and Kristin McDavid) from D.C. and then ascended to the Juliet balcony for a romantic pose!
 SUGAR EUPHORIA baked a beautiful wedding cake for Mandy and Julian. 
 They honored Mandy's Aunt Karen by dedicating the cake to her! Sweet! 
 A pose with Kathy Lusk with PINK LILLIE PLANNING. Always great to work with Kathy. 
The guests were arriving and the sun was going behind the castle to cast us in shade for the ceremony. Perfect. 
 Eric with STYLUS was our DJ. Thank you, Eric, for the microphone and the perfect sound! 
Here we go! The parents have been seated and now the wedding party starting with Julian and me followed by our groomsmen, then our bridesman and maid of honor.
 Mandy and her father make their entrance assisted by Kathy and her assistant. 
 And down the aisle they go! 
 And so the ceremony began with a warm welcome to all the guests who came from near and far. 
 Then we paid tribute to their parents and Mandy's stepparents. 
I loved telling their story! They met when both were living and working in D.C. From their first meeting they knew they had something special.
Eventually they got a place of their own together in Virginia. Julian who had never had a dog before, became friends with Mandy's fur child, Aurora, and was converted into a dog person.
Julian surprised Mandy by proposing on June 12th 2015 on the beach at Virginia Beach.  Then they moved forward with relocation to North Carolina in 2016 and planning this wedding. And here they stand together on their wedding day!
I am telling Mandy what Julian told me in confidence that he loves about her and what he is looking forward to in marriage. (The sun was right in my eyes!)
 Then Julian heard what Mandy loves about him and why she wants to marry him. He loved it.
Mandy heralds from Irish descent. Julian's mother was born in England. So it was fitting that they included the Celtic handfasting ritual. The cord represents their love.
 While their hands were bound in love, they said their vows to each other. 
 Julian placed the ring on Mandy's finger. The rings symbolically replaced the handfasting cord. 
 Mandy slid the ring on Julian's finger with some difficulty but she finally got it all the way on! 
 Their friend, Jan, presented the Apache Wedding Blessing to close the ceremony. 
 I pronounced them husband and wife! 
 The Kiss! 
 That "after-kiss" moment of realization! 
 Directing the guests around to the front of the castle for cocktail hour. 
Mandy and Julian, your wedding was fabulous and I am so happy the weather cooperated. So beautiful. I loved working with you to create your ceremony which fit you so perfectly. Thank you for choosing me to officiate for you!  I wish you the best of life forever!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Casee and Lenny Tie the Knot at 1705 Prime on March 4th 2017!

Even though the spring-like weather had been teasing us all week long, it was fortunate that Casee and Lenny chose to have their wedding indoors at 1705 Prime because the weather turned a bit chilly. I had not done a wedding indoors there before and it was lovely. The dining area had been cleared and made room for what looked like 150 chairs facing the pretty rock wall where we stood for the ceremony. 1705 Prime is the home of Rocky Top Catering, a very popular and delicious choice for weddings, onsite here or at any other venue in the Triangle and beyond. 
Everything was well organized and this sign was visible to their guests in front of the tables that had been moved aside to make room for the chairs.
Fallon's Flowers furnished the two tall clear glass vases flanking the altar topped with flower arrangements and the bouquets in pink including the very fragrant starfire lilies.
 Casee and Lenny are gamers, sci-fi fans and their clever place cards reflect their interests and their creativity. 
Kevin Majoros with KM DJ Company gladly plugged my mic into the body pack and we did a sound check. The sound for the ceremony was perfect! Thanks, Kevin.
Before the guests began to arrive, Patsy, on the right, our capable wedding director and friend of the bride had everything under control. Great job, Patsy!
Sneaking out to watch the guests arriving and signing the guest book are our flower girl Lily and our Maid of Honor Ashlee. Lily's mother Amy was the Matron of Honor.
 This little guy was all dressed up in a suit for the wedding! Mom is starting him off early on dressing properly! 
The daddies flank the entrance. We have Ritchie, father of the bride, on the left, Ben, stepfather of the bride in the middle, and Peter, father of the groom holding up the wall.
 More children arrive with their strollers. So nice to be able to bring your own comfortable rolling chair! 
As the last of the guests sign in and get seated, we are ready to line up to process in. Kevin the DJ peeks out the door to see what's happening.
Our professional photographer, Laura Kesler and her assistant (and husband), Chris, are ready. Yeah, they are not used to having their picture taken. The guests were asked during the ceremony to put away their cameras and cell phones and truly be present for the ceremony. Meanwhile my sweet husband and roadie, Dave, wielded my camera to get the photos you see here on this blog.
 After Lenny, Pete (best man), Amy and I entered, Ashlee followed. 
Patsy sent Lily down the aisle. Although some flower girls freeze and completely forget to throw the petals, Lily had no problem tossing the petals high into the air and they fell all around her. She made a very festive trek down the aisle!
 She was adorable and everyone had smiles for her. 
 Would everyone please stand for the bride? 
Ritchie escorted our beautiful bride Casee in and then placed her hand in Lenny's after answering a question for me. Then he remembered to carefully get to his chair without stepping on Casee's train!
After welcoming everyone, asking them to put away their devices, we opened with a sweet prayer and remembrance of those no longer with us.
Then I surprised their parents and Casee's stepparents with a touching tribute to them. I think Casee is looking at her parents here with her cute little "surprised you" smile!
Then I had the pleasure of sharing with their families and friends the story of how Casee and Lenny met. Always a lot of fun for them to hear the story told from both the bride and groom's perspectives. Casee and Lenny have the same wonderful sense of humor and so we had some good laughs.
Then they heard what each had told me in confidence about what they love about each other and are looking forward to in marriage. A few more chuckles here at the expense of Oscar, Casee's cat!
 Pete handed me the rings and as I explained the symbolism, the couple joined left hands.  
 Lenny reads his words to Casee from my book as he places the ring on her finger.  
 Then it was Casee's turn.
After a closing blessing I placed my hand on theirs to pronounce them husband and wife and noticed some leakage from Lenny's eyes.
A quick swipe to dry his face and make sure they were ready for the kiss that was coming up. The guests enjoyed this little interruption!
 Back to the pronouncement of marriage! 
 Lenny pulled Casee toward him for the kiss as I got out of the way! Good job, Lenny! 
 Presentation of the Newlyweds! 
 The wedding party recessed. 
Then the parents! I invited the guests to exit into the bar area for cocktail hour while the dining room was flipped into the reception configuration.
Congratulations, Casee and Lenny! What a fun wedding. It fit you both to a T! I am honored to have been part of your big day and I wish you tons of happiness and a long enduring marriage!