Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Adam and Conley's Wedding at The Pavilion Photo by Katherine Miles Jones

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fun Fabulous Wedding for Mollyann and Sean!

Mollyann and Sean are a delightful couple--and I can attest that they are very well matched! I've known them several years since Mollyann is in the wedding industry and Sean often accompanies her to networking events. I was delighted that they chose me to officiate their wedding and we had a great time creating their wonderful ceremony.
They chose the historic Merrimon-Wynne House in downtown Raleigh for their venue. The wedding date was Labor Day Sunday September 3, 2017. The weather could not have been prettier--guaranteed by their burying a bottle of bourbon upside down at the venue exactly 30 days earlier!
Instead of having the ceremony outside on the lawn, they chose to have it in the Carriage House and the reception on the lawn. It worked out so beautifully. The Carriage House has a polished concrete floor--great for dancing later. The floral decorations and design were by Eclectic Sage.
When Dave and I arrived, our first glimpse of our beautiful bride was while they were doing pre-ceremony photos. They chose to do a First Look so that they could get the bulk of photos done before the ceremony.
While the guys were standing around, I took this opportunity to do a "boutonniere check" to make sure they were securely pinned on. 
Their photographer was Mikkel Paige who was in a time crunch to get the photos done before the guests started arriving. Mikkel gets the bridal party together for a photo. Mollyann had a Man of Honor (also Sean) and a Matron of Honor (Tamara).
A group shot of the whole wedding party! Their videographer was Thomas Blake Films
A romantic shot of our bride and groom. They had to kiss over and over again to get the pose just right!
Mollyann has been the bride in many styled shoots and has worn many wedding dresses. She has always looked beautiful in them all but the one she chose for herself was absolutely gorgeous and suited her best. The make-up artist and hair stylist was Ashley Mooney. Note Mollyann's beautiful bouquet. The story goes that it accidentally got taken to Ohio after the wedding but when located was quickly re-routed back to Raleigh so it could be preserved. Whew!
The guests are all seated in the Carriage House and it is time for the wedding party, grandparents and parents to get lined up for the processional.
Our Wedding Director was Becca with C&D Events. Courtney and Dana, the founders of C&D Events were on hand to help her with this very special wedding.
Sean's sister, one of our bridesmaids, escorted in their grandfather, so Becca is holding her bouquet for her. 
After the families were seated, it is time for Sean and me to enter and take our places up front.
We were followed in by all the handsome groomsmen. 
And now all the bridesmaids and our Man of Honor are in position awaiting Mollyann's entrance. 
Mollyann is escorted in by her father, Mark, as all the guests are standing in their honor. 
Mark answered my question and placed Mollyann's hand into Sean's hand and made his way to his seat.
The backdrop is wonderful: "Let the Adventure Begin!" 
We pay tribute to their parents who are standing. 
Then it was time for the story of how they met and fell in love. They were both students at NC State and were in the same service fraternity. They were just mere acquaintances until one night at a dance  they danced the night away together. And that was all it took for them to begin dating. And the rest is really history!
Sean, who had met many wedding professional through Mollyann, staged an elaborate proposal under the guise of a styled shoot, surprising Mollyann who was not the least bit suspicious!
Of course we all know her answer! 
Telling Mollyann what Sean told me in confidence about what he loves about her, why he wants to marry her and what he is looking forward to in marriage--besides the honeymoon to Paris!
Sean got to hear what Mollyann told me about him. Then it was time for him to make his vows to Mollyann. 
Mollyann's turn to read her vows from my book where they are printed facing her. 
Sean places the ring on Mollyann's finger.
And Mollyann places the ring on Sean's finger.
A closing blessing before the pronouncement of marriage. 
At this moment they legally become husband and wife!
Time to kiss again, Mollyann and Sean!!
This time it is to seal the deal!
Time to introduce our newlyweds after the bride is handed her bouquet!
And away they go!!
Mikkel gets the recessional. Here is a sneak peek at her photos of the wedding! 
Mollyann's parents, Maryann and Mark.
Sean's parents, Robin and Tim.
The guests were invited to have cocktails in the house while the finishing touches were put on the dinner reception area on the lawn. Rocky Top Hospitality was the caterer.
Heather Miller, owner of Eclectic Sage, was actually gluing some little wooden stands that the breeze had knocked over.
Heather who owns Eclectic Sage and I love working together! Can you tell? She wanted me to officiate her spectacular wedding to Steven last March in Norfolk but I am not registered to do weddings in Virginia so we enlisted a friend of mine, Rev. Kathi Moon, who is registered in Virginia, to do the honors.
Back in the Carriage House the cakes by Sugar Euphoria were being set up in this vintage dresser. I love how the flowers are spilling out of the drawer!
Randi, the owner of Sugar Euphoria, is busy putting out the other sweets for the celebration!
Little pies and S'Mores shooters!
The famous Joe Bunn was our esteemed DJ for the reception. He also mic'd me for the ceremony. The sound of course was perfect!!  And since Dave and I stayed for the reception (a rare thing), let me tell you, Joe can really spin the music. I can see why he is so popular! We had a great time dancing!
So, here is the reception area on the artificial turf which makes it possible to do this kind of thing. The ground is very level and chair legs (or high heels!) don't sink into the ground. It is lovely!
Our harpist, Erin Jones Fuson, who played the ceremony music and sang, also played for the cocktail hour. She was amazing!
Wedding photos of Mollyann's parents on the left and Sean's on the right!
The name cards were actually luggage tags which had the name and table number. Very clever! All but a few had been picked up. 
Also attending the wedding are friends of Mollyann, Mary and Jason, whom I married back in 2013 and had not seen since. Here is the post for their wedding. We were seated at the same table and got to catch up on their lives and see photos of their adorable daughter, Monica.
Mollyann and Sean--what a fabulous wedding you created! And congratulations on your marriage. I know you are having a wonderful honeymoon in Paris and when you get back, you will start your new chapter: Married Life! I will see you around and catch up with your adventures! It was such fun working with you and not only officiating but having a great time at your reception!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Beautiful Family Wedding for Amy and Chuck at St. Mark's Chapel!

Amy and Chuck wanted a small family wedding that included their parents and children without a lot of fanfare so they wisely chose the sweet historical St. Mark's Chapel. The date was Saturday September 2nd, 2017. The guests enjoyed a champagne toast after the wedding then headed for Second Empire for a dinner reception.
Fresh Affairs was their florist and did a beautiful job decorating the chapel. The greenery garlands are spectacular.
Those gorgeous orchids were amazing! I love the plaque above the flowers and the lighted wire balls flanking the altar chest. On top are the bottles of colored sand and the unity container for the ceremony.
 Their musicians were these very talented ladies with Arioso Strings! Always beautiful music!
 Discussing the order of the processional and recessional cues. 
St. Mark's Chapel was moved here from Chatham County many years ago. It is a historical landmark on the Mordecai Campus owned by the City of Raleigh.
 Brandi Leigh, their photographer, was doing pre-ceremony shots of the couple on the campus. 
 I invited the guests to take their seats inside the chapel and enjoy the beautiful music.
Devon, Amy's 14 year old son, Sebastian, their 5 year old son together, and Gabrielle, Chuck's 11 year old daughter, are excited to be part of the ceremony.
This is the sweet ring dish engraved with their names and date with the rings attached. Sebastian will hold this for us.
 Gabrielle (she prefers "Elle") is holding her "bouquet" of stunning orchids!
 Look at the beautiful pearl necklace Amy is wearing that goes in the front AND the back! 
 I pinned on the boutonnieres. 
 Sebastian inspecting the ring dish! 
 Amy is ready! 
She entered the chapel as the guests stood in her honor and Chuck met her in the aisle and escorted her up onto the platform.
 And so we began with words of welcome, a prayer, a tribute to their parents. 
 On Chuck's behalf I spoke to Devon telling him how happy Chuck is to have him as his son. 
 Then words from Amy to Gabrielle telling her how happy she is to have her as her daughter!
 A few words about how they met and fell in love. 
 Then it was time for them to make their vows to each other. 
 The exchange of rings was next. 
 Amy had to help Chuck get the rings all the way on her finger!
 Time for the Family Unity Sand Ceremony. Chuck and Amy each pour in ½ of their sand as individuals. 
 Devon pours all his sand in the container.
 Then it is Elle's turn.
 And now Sebastian does a good job getting his sand in the container!
 Amy and Chuck poured their remaining sand on top signifying the unity of this family.
This is the resulting sand sculpture!
As part of the closing blessing, I asked Amy and Chuck to turn around and feel the love of their families surrounding them. 
 The pronouncement of marriage that legally joins them in marriage!
 Sealed with their first kiss as husband and wife!
 Amy's dress caught on the pew but thankfully it did not tear. I loved her dress, jewelry, and shoes! 
 A new family is officially born! 
Amy and Chuck--great wedding! The details were so well thought out--just as I expected they would be! You are a great couple and have a wonderful blended family. Congratulations!