Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, February 20, 2017

Jessica and Bob Wed at The Mims House in Holly Springs!

The Leslie-Alford Mims House is a historic site in downtown Holly Springs. Two women, Priscilla Erwin and Brooke Everhart, have lovingly restored this beautiful home to its original splendor plus more. As wedding planners they could envision weddings and events there. Others had tried to restore the old home but had failed. Priscilla and Brooke decided to go for it and have done a wonderful job.
You can see downtown Holly Springs in the background here. 
There is an old church next door which shares the driveway and parking lot. Keeping watch over both properties is a monument to Confederate Soldiers. 
Priscilla and Brooke landscaped the grounds and added the portico and a large paver terrace where a tent can be erected to handle large weddings and receptions. 
Brooke and Priscilla with me! 
This lovely parlor was ready for the wedding. The beautiful florals were by Greg Kennedy of Brides and Bouquets. He is so talented.
The Family Unity Sand Ceremony was ready for pouring. Jessica has one daughter and Bob has three sons and a daughter. Today they became one big family.
Getting the marriage license signed, getting the wedding rings and leaving the pretty keepsake certificate I make for my couples.
Priscilla tells us it is time to get lined up to enter. The guests are seated and ready. 
After Bob and his three sons entered with me, the two girls followed together. 
It is time for our beautiful bride! 
And so we begin the ceremony welcoming everyone.
On Jessica and Bob's behalf I spoke to their children telling them how loved they are and how honored they will be in this marriage and family that becomes one today.
Now speaking to Jessica's daughter. 
They exchanged vows then the rings. 
Jessica puts the ring on Bob's finger. 
Then it was time for the sand ceremony. Unfortunately Jessica's high heel got caught in the floor grate and when she picked up her foot the grate came with it! Before anyone could help her, the grate released her shoe and she was careful to straddle it after that! It was comical. She and Bob each pour a layer of sand in the container.
Then the kids pour in their sand one at the time followed by Bob and Jessica blending their sand together on top. 
I made the pronouncement of marriage and invited Bob to kiss the bride. (Funny how children react to kissing of their parents!)
That "after-kiss" moment when reality sinks in--we did it!
And a happy hug! 
The pretty sand layers joined together. 
The happy new family poses for a photo for our photographer, Morgan with Live View Studios
Congratulations, Bob and Jessica! What a lovely and sweet wedding. I loved working with you to personalize it for you and your family. I wish you much happiness and joy!

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