Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Chrissy and Mike Get Married at the Lynnwood Brewing Concern!

Mike and Chrissy are a cool couple I enjoyed getting to know and loved working with to write their ceremony so that it was perfect for them! Their wedding was Monday Labor Day September 5th, 2016 at Lynnwood Brewing Concern in Raleigh. Breweries are getting to be popular places for wedding these days. 
 This room is where the many beers are made and off limits to guests!
This is the bar for ordering one of their many beers. 
Across the room from the brewing room tables were set up for the wedding. This is the cupcake and cookie table.

The Cookie Table is a family tradition! 
Appropriate can huggers for weddings in breweries! 
This is the equivalent to the guest book!
I took a moment by myself to review the ceremony. 
Chrissy and Mike have a wonderful German Shepherd named Gryffindor who was in the wedding.
 Our DJ was with Live Action Events
 Getting Mike's polka-dotted handkerchief folded just right.
 First to enter were Mike's parents then Chrissy's mother, then Mike, Gryffindor, and the groomsmen followed. 
 The the lovely bridesmaids. 
 The kiddos! Jenna, Olivia and Charlie! 
We all stood for the bride and her father to enter. 
Chrissy had on these amazing HIGH heels! 
We await her walk down the aisle. 
Her dad answered my question then placed Chrissy's hand into Mike's and all guests were seated. 
We began with a warm welcome on a warm day followed by a prayer, remembered those no longer with us in person, and then a tribute to their parents.
I loved telling their story. Then they heard the secret paragraph from the other. 
Their vows and rings followed.
 The closing blessing and pronouncement of marriage!
The Kiss!!!

"We are really married!"
 I presented them to their guests!
Another kiss for our photographer, Shane Snider, to capture on the way out. 
Here is a couple of guests whose wedding I also officiated. Erin and Matt wed in October 2015. It was great to see them again! 
The families gather for a group shot!
The Wandering Moose Food Truck has arrived!!
Chrissy took a break from her shoes and relaxed on a stool for our photo! Congrats, Chrissy and Mike! I loved your wedding and I loved getting to know you and am honored to have joined you in marriage. You are the best! 

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