Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, June 6, 2016

Sunflower Wedding for Catherine and Sean at Rose Hill!

Catherine and Sean are an amazing couple. Getting to know them was quite delightful! They had a vision for their wedding and we had fun putting their ceremony together to get it just right! They chose my "bells and whistles" romantic ceremony style which included their love story and secret paragraphs. The wedding day was Sunday May 15, 2016 and the venue was the beautiful Rose Hill Plantation.
Catherine's favorite flower is the sunflower so of course she had these blossoms lining the aisle. 
Behind the house was the gazebo and lake, gorgeous as ever! 
Nathan Hall is the adjoining reception area. This cake sporting their wedding colors of royal blue and pool was baked by Publix.
The whole hall. Rose Hill does their own delicious catering too. 
They had the cutest wedding programs and the guests signed in before taking a seat out front. 
My dear DJ, Lenny Fritts, is in command here since there was no wedding director. He goes over and above to make the wedding come together smoothly. Yay, Lenny!
Meanwhile I am checking in on the guys inside where they have been snacking on some cheese and crackers and hanging out.
This bear is keeping watch over them. 
Finally it is time for us to get lined up for the processional. 
Their sweet elderly dog, Riley, is ready with the ring pillow. Mason, our ring bearer, is not quite sure he wants to do this thing he is supposed to do! Not unreasonable for his age! In front of all those people!
Sean's parents are the first couple to enter. 
Then Catherine's mother enters with her father, Catherine's grandfather. 
Sean and I make our walk up the aisle. It is feeling pretty hot but then it is noon and high sun. 
After all the bridesmaids and groomsmen entered, it was time for Mason and Riley. Riley was fine in his blue vest but Mason got a case of the "shys" and hid his face.
Our best man came down from the porch to retrieve the rings from Riley. Such a good dog! 
Then before we could even see the carriage, Lenny began playing "clip clop" sounds of a horse's hoofs! 
Catherine and her Dad are brought to the brick walk by Willie pulling a beautiful carriage. Horsin' Around is the company who provided the horse and carriage.
And now to disembark from the carriage in a big wedding gown! 
Thankfully Catherine's father was good at getting the dress and train straight. 
Let's go! 
Sean met Catherine and her father at the bottom of the steps, then the two of them ascend the steps to get married. Nice symbolism!
Meanwhile Willie is held in place until the ceremony is over and the bride and groom get aboard. 
Catherine and Sean take their positions in front of me. I warmly welcomed the guests and thanked them for coming to NC for this wedding.
A sweet surprise blessing for the parents. 
And then their story. They met in college in Florida. Catherine had her eyes on Sean early on and finally coaxed him out of his shell and then they fell hard for each other. They have had some wonderful adventures together including living in Korea for a year.
Then they headed to North Carolina for grad school and law school. Catherine finished first and began her teaching career. Sean graduated from law school the day before this wedding!
Then for the secret paragraphs! 
They had written their vows to each other and read them from my book while placing the rings on each other's finger.
I invited them to gaze around at their friends and families who were honoring them on their wedding day then closed with a blessing.
The pronouncement of marriage!
Sean surprised me...and maybe Catherine too! 
Yay, we are married! 
And away they go! 
Catherine and Sean, what a pleasure to get to know you and join you in marriage! Wonderful wedding you pulled off! I loved it! I wish you the best of everything that comes your way!
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