Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Adam and Conley's Wedding at The Pavilion Photo by Katherine Miles Jones

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Beautiful Wedding in the Country for Kayla and Dennis!

Kayla and Dennis met with me a year in advance of their wedding day of April 9th, 2016 and the time and location of their wedding changed around during the year. But finally their wedding day arrived and although sunny and pleasant, it turned out to be very very windy! So they had to have their wedding in the tent instead of outside.
The guests have arrived and are seated inside the tent. My mic is ready and we are getting lined up to enter. 
Here we come!
The bridesmaids begin their walk one by one. 
Our cute ring bearers begin their trek.
And then Kayla's daughter, Luna, our flower girl, hangs onto that parasol lest the wind whip it away!
She made it perfectly! 
Time for the bride! 
Kayla chose to walk in without an escort since her father has passed on. Her veil was whipping around in the wind! 
Dennis met her halfway down the aisle and they came together to get married. 
The look on Dennis' face when he first saw Kayla was so touching. He just lit up with joy!
I love the mint and purple together. 
They only had eyes for each other!
Making their promises of marriage to each other. 
I pronounced them husband and wife and invited them to share their first kiss as a married couple. 
And so Dennis wasted no time kissing his beautiful wife! 
They step into their new life together! 
The wedding site was in a big field adjoining their residence and they thoughtfully rented a porta-potty and placed it nearby for their guests.
Wedding pictures! 
I hopped in there for one or two! 
Kayla and Dennis, congratulations.  I am delighted to have joined you in marriage! I wish you the best life can offer!
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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Windy Wedding for Stephanie and Morgan at the NC Museum of Art!

Saturday April 2nd, 2016 was a beautiful day for a wedding. The rains had stopped earlier in the day and the NC Museum of Art was ready for the wedding of Stephanie and John.
NCMA is one of the most elegant, sleekest venues in the Triangle. I love all the glass reflecting the sky. The pretty florals on pedestals are by A Watered Garden. So simple and elegant and perfect for this contemporary venue.
Looking the other direction there are islands of plants and trees and a giant wooden wall that blocks the view of traffic to and from the parking lot. And makes for a wonderful backdrop for photos.
Before the ceremony the family is gathering--grandparents and parents of the couple...and Coltin, Stephanie's son who is getting instructions from one of his relatives on how to behave during the ceremony! (Coltin did just fine!)
Our DJ, Ryan Levin with Anything Music, is all set up and we have done a sound check! He was very good and he helped me with the settings for my new camera. Thanks, Ryan!
Elizabeth, Mother of the Bride, signed as a witness on the marriage license for me. Thomas, brother of the groom, was the other witness.
 Beautiful cake by Cinda's Creative Cakes!
 The area within the museum for the cocktail hour following the ceremony.
 Ryan has his station all ready to begin the reception as soon as the ceremony is done. 
The reception dining will be in the Museum's Iris Cafe area. Love the swirling vines on the wall. It is always amazing to study and imagine how it was ever created.
 Our Bride and Groom have had their first look and photos before the ceremony. Their photographer was Lauren Jolly.
Back out at the ceremony site, the beautiful ring box they ordered from Europe to hold the rings was placed on the table where the bouquet would also be placed since there were no attendants.
 The rings are in the little pockets and the wooden heart has their initials and wedding date written on it. 
 And so the guests have arrived and are ready for the ceremony to start.  
 Ryan began the processional music and I stepped into place. 
Thomas, Brother of the Groom, escorted Elizabeth and Coltin in followed by the Father of the Groom, Robert, (not pictured). 
Morgan Greer, the events manager for NCMA, directed the wedding. We have worked together many times and he is so organized and I never have to worry about the processional! He gets Stephanie out the door followed by her father, Steve, who will escort his beautiful daughter down the aisle. 
 Stephanie is not only beautiful, she is so photogenic! 
 The guests stand in honor of the bride. Steve places Stephanie's hand into Morgan's and everyone is seated. 
Can you tell it is windy? My hair is all over the place. Stephanie was so smart to have her hair all caught up in a fixed style or else you would not have seen her face at all! And Morgan--he did not have to worry about his hairdo!
 A mother's glance over at Coltin who was sitting with her parents. 
We began with a welcome, an opening prayer and then remembered Morgan's mother, Alice, who has departed this world but was surely with us in spirit this day.
 Coltin is about to receive a child's blessing customized just for him. 
I stepped into the wind and spoke the sweet words to Coltin from his mom and Morgan, who officially becomes his new dad today! Then we heard the story of how Stephanie and Morgan met and fell in love.
 Stephanie checking on Coltin again!
 Saying their vows to each other.
"Stephanie, do you take Morgan to be your husband, knowing that he will always be your best friend, your partner in life, your one true love?......." 
"Stephanie, please accept this ring as a symbol of my love and of the promises I make to you today."
"Morgan, please accept this ring as a symbol of my love and of the promises I make to you today."
 The pronouncement of marriage!
 Sealed with a kiss! 
 Caught Morgan with his eyes closed while I introduced them to their guests! 
 Coltin made a beeline to be with his mom and his dad! 
Morgan and Stephanie, what a great wedding! Thank you for finding each other and finding me to join you in matrimony. Coltin is one lucky little boy!
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