Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What a Joyful Wedding at Page Walker for Kim and Andy!

I first met Kim and Andy in August to make plans for their wedding ceremony October 17th, 2015. I had a rehearsal and another wedding that day but theirs at 4:00 fit perfectly into my schedule for the day. So with not much time to write the ceremony we got busy. And they were a joy to work with! 
They loved the Page Walker Art Gallery which is a historical site in Cary next to the railroad. In fact, in its early days it was the depot. It has been a hotel and now owned by the city. I have done many weddings there. This is the main gallery room where the walls are hung with art and there is a grand piano for recitals and performances. Weddings too when the weather is cold or inclement.
 This very pretty cake was baked by Publix! A cherry blossom theme. 
The gift table is being hosted by this beautiful bride doll. I don't know her significance but she has been so lovingly taken care of. Maybe she is from Kim's childhood. 
In the corridor near the front desk and the elevator, is the long buffet table which will soon be filled with delicious food catered by Ole Time Barbecue.
This is the lovely brick courtyard where I have done several weddings. It is very nice for receptions after weddings too.
The garden adjacent to the building is ready. The pergola is flanked by pretty yellow mums in white wicker pedestals furnished by the bride.
This is my table which I bring to weddings if needed, particularly for sand ceremonies. It has been all over the Triangle from Pittsboro to Nashville!
 Across the beautiful lawn is a fountain and a historic old shed.  

The guests have started arriving. You notice how the sun is shining on one side of the aisle and not on the other--where almost everyone has chosen to sit! The sun moved around during this wedding!
 After the entrance of the parents, Andy and I started walking in. 
 Followed by his best man, Reed, and groomsman, Zack (he's right behind Reed). 
 Then Christie, Maid of Honor.
 This is Andy's beautiful daughter, Aurora.
 Our ring bearer, Jesse, and our flower girl, Aerynn enter right before the bride. 
 David, father of the bride, proudly escorts his beautiful daughter, Kim, down the aisle!
Kim's mother, Brenda, joined them when they passed by her row and then they stopped for the presentation of the bride. I asked them: "Brenda and David, do you support your daughter's decision to join together in holy matrimony with Andy, and do you vow to receive him as a member of your family from this day on?" They answered "We do" and were seated.
Andy and Kim ascended the steps together and turned and faced each other holding hands. I welcomed all the guests then read "The Wedding Prayer" by Robert Louis Stephenson.
And then the story of their love--They were good friends long before they became a couple. Their friendship grew over the years until it turned into love and romance. A close friendship is such a wonderful basis for a marriage.
They also chose to include words in the ceremony from the Celtic tradition: the anam cara. Translated from the Gaelic is means soul friend. "By entering in a partnership with your anam cara, you are joined in an ancient and eternal way with this person you most cherish" which then led into their vows--so beautiful. (This radiating effect of light is from shooting into the sun but I love the spiritual aura of it!)
 As you can see here, the sun has shifted and is in everyone's eyes. But it will move again!
 So then they exchanged their rings.
I invited Aurora to join us for the family unity sand pouring ceremony because "a new family is officially born today and the circle of love expands."
 We closed with a blessing as the couple took a peek at their guests!
 Then the pronouncement of marriage and invitation to seal their vows with a kiss! 
 Oh yeah!
 That sweet "We're married" after-kiss moment! 
 These kids were so cute and they had a really good time too! 
Andy and Kim! What a fabulous wedding! So "you!" I loved working with you and am honored to have joined you in matrimony! May your marriage be blessed in the eternal ebb and flow of the universe!

Our Vendors:
Wedding Director: Ruth Meadows (honorary)
IPod operator: David Mitchell (honorary)
Photographer: Krista Lajara
Wedding Cake: Publix
Caterer: Ole Time Barbecue

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