Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sam and Samantha's Sweet Wedding at The Cookery!

Sam and Samantha's wedding was Friday October 16th at 6:30 at The Cookery in downtown Durham which has become quite a popular venue for weddings in the last 2 years.
Their photographer, Victoria with Breathe Easy Photography, arranged a first look for them and got lots of photos of the wedding party ahead of time too which was necessary since the light level after the ceremony would be quite diminished. I thank Victoria for sharing her photos with me for this blog and I will credit each photo she contributed with a caption, including this one from their First Look collection that was my favorite one! (Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
 Greeting the guest with the itinerary of the wedding day in place of a wedding program. 
 Sam's groomsmen......
 Samantha's attendants. Instead of a Maid of Honor, she had a Man of Honor, Seamus. 
 Calligrapher Marika Wendelken transforms the chalk board into a beautiful work of art. 
 The finished product! 
 Instead of a guest book, they collected stones signed by their guests with a short message to them. 
 A frame for their favorite wedding photo. I think the one of them on the railroad tracks would look great! 
This brooch and wheat bouquet is so unique! Each bridesmaid carried one.  
 Sign greeting the guests as they arrived. 
View from the mezzanine of the interior of the building looking toward the garage door opening for the outdoor ceremony. 
 Looking toward the stairs. Our DJ, Pete James, is getting his gear set up while Marika works on the board. 
Pete and I did a sound check before the ceremony and the sound was great. He had a speaker up near where the groomsmen were to stand. However, when the outdoor lights were turned on they overloaded the circuit and the outlet the speaker through which my voice came blew in the beginning of the ceremony therefore, I had no amplification and had to "raise my voice" to be heard. That was unfortunate but there was no way to know ahead of time that was going to happen. But, I could tell from the laughter during the ceremony that people could hear me!
 The Mezzanine........
 The bartenders are ready to pour! 
This is a sign sitting on the end of the bar telling the fascinating history of this building which was built in the early 1900s. It began as a grocery store then transformed into a culinary incubator among many other purposes. 
 Pete James, DJ, who brought along his wife, Akita, to help him. Didn't get her photo. 
 The ceremony space is ready. 
The couple and their family members did the floral arrangements with natural wildflowers, sheaths of wheat and simple ribbon.
 And the guests began to arrive and take their seats. 
And now it is time to begin. Pete began the music for the processional and the groomsmen and I took our places.
 (Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
 Victoria is getting a shot of Sam escorting his mother, Sharon, down the aisle. 
Sam and his mother (photo with my camera).
The bridesmaids processed in one by one and took their places. Victoria is going to get the following photos of Samantha and her father, Sam, entering.
Here they come!  
(Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
We rehearsed the night before at the couple's friend Allison's home. She also served as our wedding director. 
"Who has the privilege of presenting this young woman, Samantha, to be married to this young man, Sam?" Of course her father answered "Her mother and I do."
(Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
A warm welcome to all their guests followed by a prayer. Then we remembered their loved ones no longer here physically, and in particular Sam's father, Jim. (Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
Then I got to tell their story. They were both born in Pennsylvania but their paths did not cross until many years later and several hundred miles south. They were matched up on line and because they liked what they saw, they decided to meet in person. Neither of them can remember the date of their first date but it was probably April 4th, 2011 at The Busy Bee Cafe downtown Raleigh. (Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
Samantha found Sam adventurous and silly and name-wise, he fit right into her family! Sam was impressed with Samantha's down to earth colorful language!  And they have been together ever since. (Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
Because Samantha tends to ruin all her own surprises by finding them out ahead of time, Sam had to plan carefully and stealthily to propose after a few failed attempts. He succeeded by planting an empty ring box in the bottom of a fake pot of gold on St. Patrick's Day of 2014 and arranged with the help of her teaching assistant for her to find it during school hours and when she did, he popped out of the locker in which he had been hiding, got down on one knee, and popped the question. I watched the video and Samantha was truly surprised!  (Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
 (Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
And then I revealed to them what the other had confided in me about what they love about each other, why they want to marry each other and what they are looking forward to in marriage. So sweet!
 (Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
They answered "I will" to my questions about taking each other as their beloved. 
Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
 Then they read their secret vows to each other from my book. Sam got a little choked up. 
(Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
 He recovered quickly and placed the ring on Samantha's finger. 
(Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
Time for Samantha to do the same.
 (Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
Then she got a little tickled and had to recover! 
 (Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
 And she did and got that ring on Sam's finger. 
(Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
In the closing blessing I ask them to think of the happiness they are feeling at that moment and close their eyes and let it sink in.
(Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
Then I ask them to open their eyes and look around them at their guests who have come to honor them on their wedding day. Sam does look a bit like a deer in the headlights though! As if he had forgotten all those people were watching!
(Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
This photo of the pronouncement was taken with an iPhone because the battery of my camera had died. But Dave (my husband--photographer) got it!
Ahh, finally--the kiss!  
(Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
Happy dance! 
 (Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
Doesn't Samantha have that "Got him" look on her face? 
 (Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography)
 Man of Honor Seamus escorted out by Best Man Nick! 
(Photo compliments of Breathe Easy Photography) 
 I love this photo! (My camera battery rallied enough to get a few more!)
Sam and Samantha! Congratulations on a fabulous wedding! You did it and it was great. I am so happy for you and wish you all the best in life!

Our Vendors for this wedding: 

Venue: The Cookery
DJ: Pete James
Calligrapher: Marika Wendelken
Photographer: Breathe Easy Photography
Caterer (pizza food truck): Pie Pushers 

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