Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Grace and Alex Wed at Second Empire Surrounded by Family and Close Friends!

I did not meet Alex and Grace in person until their wedding day July 17th, 2015, when I arrived at Second Empire for their ceremony. Alex had made all the arrangement for me to officiate their wedding by email. We sent the ceremony script back and forth a few times by email until it was perfect for them. 
Alex is of Taiwanese heritage and was born in the United States. Grace is of Chinese heritage and she was born in China. All of their parents were present at their wedding. And so they added some decorations representative of their heritages for the ceremony. Red is the wedding color in China!
These are intricate paper swans filled with candy and most likely are symbolic of sweetness and abundance. 
While the guests are arriving, I had their witnesses sign the marriage license for me. Grace is awaiting the time to walk down the aisle with her father.
Lucy, our violinist with Arioso Strings, is in place and warming up. 
The Pine Room is all set up for the reception! 
Okay! Time to get started. I cued in their parents. This couple is Winston and Chia Ying, parents of the groom. Following them are Yehong and Lijun, Grace's parents. Her father returned to escort Grace in.
Yehong is proud to escort his beautiful daughter in in the American Wedding tradition. 
Before the bride entered, our flower girl sprinkled some petals. 
And now, Grace and Yehong!
I asked "Who blesses and supports Grace as she comes to join in marriage to Alex?" Her father answered in Chinese and transferred her hand into Alex's.
A warm welcome to all thanking them for making the journey to be with us. After that, I invited our photographer, Alex Tomek of George Street Photo and Video out of Chicago, to vacate the altar area. (My one request of photographers is to not get behind me during the ceremony and distract me, the couple and their guests but he had not asked me before the ceremony if I had any restrictions so he did not know.)
We had a blessing for their parents and then some words on love and marriage. 
Alex and Grace first met in Minnesota then life took them to North Carolina where they discovered they have a lot in common and became best friends. They share an affinity for music, family and friends, silly things, and mathematics. And they believe they will always be better together.
They exchanged their vows and rings.......
Grace made sure her wedding ring was all the way on and secure! 
Now Alex's ring....
The marriage is declared! 
A shy kiss! 
And here they are--wife and husband at last! 
Alex and Grace, I think you are a fine match and I thank you for giving me the honor of joining you in matrimony! I wish you all the best life has to offer.
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