Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Friday, July 3, 2015

A Hot Hot Wedding for Brian and Antonio at Lake Johnson!

Antonio found my website in February and sent me an inquiry. I was delighted that I was available for his and Brian's wedding on June 13th, 2015 at Lake Johnson. I had just enough time to get there from a prior wedding that day at Duke Gardens. Because finding a parking place at Lake Johnson can be a problem, they solved that by putting a cone in a space reserved for me! Thanks, guys! So Antonio and I met in February and talked about the kind of ceremony he and Brian wanted. Brian could not be with us because he was away at medical school but I met them both later as we finalized all the plans.
The day was blue blazing hot with a heat index of 104 when I left Duke Gardens. A little shower of rain passed over and cooled the temps down a little bit but it was still humid and hot. I was so grateful that they had a tent to at least shield us from the sun.
Jess Dilday was our DJ and she was all set up. She plugged my microphone into her system and we did a sound check.
This yummy looking caramel cake was made by Yellow Bird Baking and topped with characters representing our two grooms. 
The community room at the Lake was decked out beautifully and fully air-conditioned so we hung out there a lot waiting for the guests to arrive and get seated.
Quinton Dyson with Southern Harvest was our director and caterer. Southern Harvest is part of the Farmers Table Restaurant Group dedicated to bringing delicious healthy local food to the table at their restaurants one of which is The Q Shack.
 Our guests were ready so we began. 
 Antonio and his groomsmen and I entered then Brian's groomsmen ushered in the ladies. 
Antonio's Best man is his friend Adam and his groomsman is his friend Matt.  
Karen, our Matron of Honor is Brian's sister-in-law and friend since college. Next to her are Brian's two brothers, Colin and Evan, and Brian's friends, Jonathan, Christopher and Aaron.
 After escorting his mother, Mary Grace, down the aisle to her seat, Brian joined Antonio up front. 
We began with a welcome to all and how important each person was to Brian and Antonio. Then at their request I asked them to put away their cameras and cell phones and truly be present with them at the ceremony. 
We remembered those passed on, especially bringing to mind Brian's father, David, who was such a large part of Brian becoming the fine young man that he is today. No, Antonio is not brought to tears but was wiping the perspiration that was literally dripping down from his head to his face. So hot!
Before their vows, they each had sent me special words they wanted to say to each other which I kept secret. They read them from my book then made their vows to each other. 
So touching and with a bit of humor too! 
 Another mopping of his face. Brian and I were not dry either!  
 Brian places the ring on Antonio's finger as he repeats the words after me. 
 Then Antonio places the ring on Brian's finger. 
 At last the pronouncement of marriage. I can't tell you how happy I am that everyone can marry now! 
I invited them to seal their vows with a kiss, and it was one of those "drive-by" kisses so I knew the photographer did not get it! So.........
 I told Antonio and Brian they had to kiss again and to make it longer! 
 And so they did and we got the picture!!
 Whew, time to cool off, relax, take some photos and then celebrate! 
So they adjourned down to the beach area and I invited the guests to mix and mingle. Then I retrieved my microphone equipment and joined Antonio and Brian and their photographer, Rob Bradley, for a photo of the three of us for this blog! I think we were all so glad we got through the ceremony without anyone getting heat exhaustion. I am sure those jackets came off soon after I left. Brian and Antonio, congratulations from the bottom of my heart. You two are great together and I am so happy you found each other! I wish you all the best!
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