Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Fourth of July Wedding for Ellie and Matt!

Ellie and Matt Live in Virginia but wanted to have their wedding in North Carolina because his parents live here. They chose the new 21C Museum Hotel in downtown Durham. This is a new luxury hotel that combines hotel with art gallery and there are several of these boutique hotels around the country. 
Matt and Ellie chose Saturday July the 4th, 2015 for their wedding date and we made all the arrangements for me to officiate for them by email.
When I arrived, their musician Wiley Porter, was all set up. We went over the cues for the music. You can probably tell from the photo that Wiley is easy-going and fun. I also found out that he is also a piano tuner if you are in need of one!
 Meeting Ellie and Matt for the first time in person. (Ellie's lovely make-up was by Tiwa Lawrence of Pink Diamonds.)
The room for the ceremony is all set up. The icon for the hotel is the pink penguin and so they were there flanking the altar!
On the marker board wall they had written many sayings about love! 
 While waiting for the guests to arrive, we wandered around the hotel and looked at the art. 
 An amalgamation of Marilyn and Elvis?
This exhibit was a room with the wooden piano and videos projected behind it. 
 Our fearless leader! 
 Interesting display of African art.
 So, now we are ready to get started!
 After Matt and I took our places up front, Thomas (best man) and Jessica (matron of honor) entered. 
 Wiley began "Ode to Joy" for the entrance of Ellie and her father, William.
We welcomed everyone with recognition of their parents and special acknowledgement of Ellie's grandmother, Rosalind, her role model. Tre Bella provided their flowers in the patriotic red, white and blue palette. On the plaques behind us are the names of movie stars.
Ellie and Matt met while they were both working in Afghanistan. They felt the connection from the beginning. Even after Ellie returned to the States they kept in touch. When Matt returned to the States, their friendship evolved into a deep and abiding love. And here, 7000 miles from where they began, the stand ready to pledge their hearts in marriage.
 They made their vows to each other.
 Then they exchanged rings. Our photographer Becci Ames gets in close for a good shot! 
 The pronouncement of marriage! 
 Sealed with a kiss! 
 We are really married! 
 Presentation of the newlywed couple to their guests who were invited down the hall to the reception.
Congratulations, Ellie and Matt! So honored to have joined you in marriage. I know you are enjoying wedded bliss!
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