Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Laura and Reid's Sweet Wedding Celebration at Caffe Luna!

Laura and Reid are an amazing couple. Their relationship grew very slowly as they both wanted to be sure of each other and their feelings. So they established a very strong relationship before they moved in together knowing that they would marry at some point in the future. Well, when Laura came home one day last December with the wonderful news that they were going to be blessed with the birth of their first child in July, the plans to marry speeded up and Reid proposed in January. They chose the wedding date of May 10, 2015 for their wedding at Caffe Luna. I met with them shortly thereafter and we began planning the ceremony.
The wedding day arrived and when Marty and I arrived, everything was ready. The wedding took place in the large front room and the guests spread out afterwards into this lovely dining area.
They had some photos of themselves scattered around and I particularly liked this one! 
Their cake and cupcakes were baked by Sweet Traditions and look yummy!
Eric with All Around Raleigh DJ was all set up in the back of the room. Love working with Eric! 
Laura's brother John was proud to escort her in! 
Laura and Reid love children and have lots of nieces and nephews who were in the processional. Unfortunately they moved so fast all the photos of them processing in were just a blur!
John's father, Bill, stood up for him. Laura chose not to have any attendants.
"Life is so much more fulfilling, meaningful, and beautiful when shared with family and friends.  Therefore, your presence adds meaning and sanctity to this blessed occasion and represents a precious gift to them. "
The welcome address was followed by a blessing for the couple then a tribute to their families.
Then we had a blessing for their baby girl, Grace, as they placed their hands on her: "Children are gifts entrusted to us.  Today, we ask that this new family be blessed with the gifts of patience, flexibility, humor, and understanding.  And we ask that their daughter Grace be blessed so that she may grow up healthy and strong with an open mind, a loving spirit, and a happy heart."
Laura's sister, Susannah, shared a poem "True Love" by an unknown author. 
And then I told their wonderful story. Reid was such a good sport as we had a few good laughs about his slowness in realizing that Laura was the woman for him.
Then they heard for the first time what they each told me in confidence that they love about each other. 
They read their vows to each other from my book.
Laura says her vows to Reid.
The symbolism of the rings.......
Reid repeats the words after me as he places the ring on Laura's finger.
Laura places the ring on Reid's finger.
The pronouncement of marriage! 
A little laugh of joy before the kiss! 
And here they are! The newlyweds!
Married at last!
Their photographer was Steve Exum with Exum Photography and he really liked the idea I told him about from another wedding--arrange all the guests in the shape of a heart and put the bride and groom in the middle then shoot from the elevated stairs at the end of the courtyard by the bus station. It took a while but we got it done!
As the bride and groom kissed, their guests cheered!
Among the guests were two couples that I married; in fact, they told Laura and Reid they had to get me to officiate for them. Thanks, guys!  On the left are Andrea and John whose wedding was 2007 before I started this blog. I also did a baby blessing for their daughter Rhyan and will be doing another one soon for their second daughter Madelyn. On the right are their friends April and Dave who married in November of 2011 at The State Club. Andrea was in their wedding. So good to see them all again! 
Laura and Reid, I loved your wedding! So filled with love and sweetness--and laughter. Congratulations and I hope you will let me know when Grace is born. She is a lucky child to have you for her parents! I wish you all the best!
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