Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Creative Wedding for Clea and Marc at the Halle Cultural Arts Center in Apex!

Clea and Marc and I met last fall to talk about their vision for their wedding ceremony scheduled for May 1, 2015 at the Halle Cultural Arts Center in Apex. I had never been there so they described it for me. They wanted to have the wedding ceremony on the stage of the theater upstairs while the guests sat down front, some at tables, some in rows of chairs. And so we did. This is not a first marriage for either of them and they are blending their families together. So, of course we wanted to include the 4 children between them. Not only were the kids their attendants, they also participated in a family unity sand ceremony.
So, when Dave and I arrived at the Center for the wedding, I changed clothes from the rehearsal I had just conducted and we were taken upstairs by the Day of Coordinator, Sonja with Cork &Vine Events. There was this lovely cake by Cakes by Chloe topped with sweet little bride and groom birds!
 The containers of sand were all set up and ready for the ceremony. 
The staff of Triangle Catering was busy setting up the buffet that was to the rear of the audience area of the theater. Dave caught Asher, Clea's son, coming back from the vending machine. All the kids and their friends were hanging out behind stage in the dressing areas having a great time. They were SO wired!
Meantime, Adam Pitts--One Man Band Acoustic Entertainment--was set up to the side of the stage. He played Over the Rainbow as we assembled on stage behind the closed curtain to begin the ceremony. (After the photographs were done, he moved his equipment to the center of the stage to entertain the guests for the reception. He told me about how he can be a one man band by recording each part then layering them together!)
 So the stage was set until we got into place. 
 Back outside looking down Salem Street in Apex, the white building on the right is the Halle Center. 
 Here is a view from the other end. This street in Apex was loaded with places to eat and quaint little shops. 
 The guests were enjoying cocktails downstairs from 7 to 8 then invited to come upstairs for the wedding. 
 So the guests are all assembled and slowly the curtain opened revealing all of us in our places. 
 I put on my reading glasses and took center stage welcoming everyone to this wonderful occasion!
Then we had a blessing of our couple followed by a sweet poem for Clea's beloved grandmother Mimi who recently, quietly and gently passed on to join her sweetheart in heaven.
 Next is to acknowledge the importance of their kids in their marriage and promises they made to them. 
Clea and Marc have known each other for more than 5 years and their love has grown stronger and more beautiful as time has gone on. We celebrate with them and are incredible happy that their lives include each other.
Declaring their intentions and saying their vows to each other which they had kept secret and read from my book.
 Marc placed the ring on Clea's finger......
 Then Clea placed Marc's ring on his his beautiful daughter, Joli, looks on.
 Now for the pouring of their sand together. 
Marc's son, William was next. 
 Then Clea's boys, Ethan and Asher.
 Marc and Clea topped off the sand with their sand blended together. 
 A closing blessing.....
 The big pronouncement of marriage! 
 The kiss! Ethan looks pretty happy about it! 
 Really? We're married?? Finally!!
 The presentation of the newlyweds! 
 The guests assembled on stage and in front for a group photo.  
 Then another one below stage with our photographers Thad and Sarah Lawrence with 2&3 Photography.
 Hey, I see Clea...and Marc's torso, but where is his head? Looks like Will is speaking to him and he leaned over behind Clea? 
 Their families together! 
Aaaaah! Clea and Marc, you made it happen and I hope your wedding ceremony fulfilled your vision! I loved the "staging" and I know your guests will never forget your wedding! Congratulations to you and your beautiful blended family!

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