Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Charlotte and Adam Get Married!

I was so happy to do this wedding! There is quite a story here. Adam is my stepson. I met him when he was still in high school. He was a special needs kid who has become a responsible, loving, hard working young adult. In fact, he has had a job since age 14 and has now been at his current place of employment for almost 16 years. His dad, Dave--my husband, and I are so proud of him. He is a very sweet person and wanted so much to have a girlfriend to love and to love him back. For years I have been wishing for him to find a woman with the same capabilities, interests and values as his. Well, apparently the universe was paying attention and almost 3 years ago, Adam and Charlotte found each other! They really hit it off and would have married within months if we, their families, had not wanted to be more cautious! They were so patient with us making sure they were right for each other when they knew it all along!
The pretty bridesmaid's silk flower bouquet ordered on line! We loved Charlotte from the beginning. She is a typical American young lady who had dreamed of the big white fairytale wedding. So, as much as we could get their wedding to meet her dreams, we did. Neither of her parents are living so it came down to Dave, Adam's mother Nancy, myself, and Charlotte's big brother Steve and his wife Kim. Kim is to be congratulated on the wonderful things that she handled--the dress, the cake, the flowers, the reception.
I furnished my officiant services, St. Mark's Chapel, the music and the photography. Dave sprung for a rehearsal dinner at Vivo! Nancy handled the invitations and the bridal shower AND the honeymoon--a trip to the mountains!
My wonderful husband, father of the groom and groomsman all in one, Dave! Also my second string photographer when Marty (first string) is unavailable.
So, here are Marty and I. She is on duty for this wedding too! 
This is Cindi Johnson. She is a good friend and a former bride of mine. I had the honor of joining her  and her husband Lee in marriage a few years ago. She is a retired kindergarten teacher and a pretty darned good amateur photographer. And musician and vocalist--we used to sing in an all female a cappella group and church choir together a few years ago. She originally was going to play the piano for this wedding when it was going to be in a big church but when we changed to the chapel, she switched to photographer at my request. Now she is a wedding photographer!
 So this is Sally, a good friend of Charlotte and her family. She is our wedding director for the wedding! 
 This is my daughter, Andrea, and her sweetheart, John, all dolled up for the wedding! 
Pinning the boutonnieres on all the guys! 
From left to right: Johnny, Dave, Adam, Glen and Charlotte's big brother Steve! Adam and Johnny have known each other since they were little kids in school. Glen is Dave's son and Adam's brother. 
Julie, Cassandra, Charlotte and Karen, Charlotte's sister-in-law. Julie, Cassandra and Charlotte were in school together when they were younger.
 Adam with his parents, Nancy and Dave. They have my utmost admiration in raising Adam to reach his fullest potential and become the fine young man he is today! 
 It's almost time to get married, Adam, are you ready? Oh yes! 
 I enlisted the services of one of my favorite guitarists, Matthew Kanon. Thanks, Matt! 
The guests sign in. The woman on the left is the minister at Milner Presbyterian Church where the wedding was going to be originally but changed after Charlotte's mother passed away. I was so happy she came to the wedding! On the right is a good friend of mine and Dave's, Donna.
 Going over the last minute details with Charlotte. She is so ready and looked so pretty!
 Getting all lined up for the processional. You can see Charlotte and Steve in the background.
 Adam escorted his mom in. 
 The guys and I have entered and now for the bridesmaids and the bride. 
 Cassandra, Maid of Honor, took her place then I asked the guests to stand for the bride.
 Charlotte is so excited to walk down the aisle! Steve looks worried though. It is a narrow aisle!
 They made it! 
 "Who blesses and supports Charlotte as she comes to join in marriage with Adam?"
Steve: "Her family and I do."
Knowing Charlotte and Adam so well, it was a joy to choose words that honored their love, their families and their guests as well as told their story.
We began with a warm welcome to all and a prayer based First Corinthians. There was a tribute to Charlotte's parents and siblings and their spouses. Adam's parents and brother were honored as well. And then I told the story of how I met Adam and what a fine young man he is and how he and Charlotte had been searching for each other so long and finally found each other after kissing a few frogs along the way!  Had to get a little humor in! 
Then I revealed to each of them what the other told me they loved about them and what they were looking forward to in marriage. 
 They answered the vow questions. 
They exchanged rings.  
 A closing blessing....... 
The pronouncement of marriage! 
 Sealed with a kiss! 
 Adam and Charlotte Davenport, husband and wife! 
 We did it!! 
 The recessional.
 Showing off the rings! 
The guests were sent off to Wake Forest to the home of Steve and Kim for the reception and the family stayed behind (except for Kim--it is a shame that we have no photos of her!) for pictures in the chapel. Here is the gang! My daughter and her sweetie had to dash off to work so they did not get in the pictures either!
 They are the sweetest couple! So happy for them. My favorite photo out of hundreds! 
 The pretty cake is from Walmart! 
 Before all the guests left the reception, Charlotte and Adam changed clothes then cut the cake. 
This was actually taken by Cindi as they left for the reception. Adam and Charlotte, I am so happy you found each other and that I had the honor of joining you in marriage. I'll be seeing you around a lot!
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