Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Friday, May 1, 2015

Cassi and Travis' Happy Rainy Day Wedding at Duke Gardens Pergola!

Cassi and Travis are a wonderful young couple full of exuberance for life and very much in love. You can tell that they are also quite creative by their wedding too! We met in November of 2014 to plan their ceremony for April 25, 2015 at the pergola at Duke Gardens. They loved it being so couple-specific to them too. Just what they wanted.
Their original plans were to have their ceremony at the Rollins Overlook but ended up with more guests and moved the wedding to the pergola which is now bare of the wisteria vines that used to form a thick canopy over the top and hang down the sides. But the vines were so large they had begun to twist the metal frame and so they had to be removed. New wisteria plants have been started but not so close to the frame that they will damage it.
The day before their wedding, the weather was perfect but rain was in the forecast. And the weatherman was right. I got a call about 3:00 that they wanted to move the wedding start time up from 6:00 to 5:30 because the doppler showed a little pocket of less rain then. Okay with me! I told Cassi's mother who called me to bring plenty of towels to dry off the chairs.
When Marty and I arrived, the rain had not slowed. We set up my sound system and put a plastic bag over it. The staff put out the new white chairs for the guests that came. Of course they got wet but they did bring plenty of towels. The guests had been called and told they could go on to the reception location, The Little Dipper, instead of coming to the ceremony if they chose. Amazingly, we had a good crowd!
And so at 5:30 the rain had indeed slowed to a slow spitting kind of rain--let's do this! I ditched my raincoat and umbrella and Travis and his men and I took our places. (You can see the rain spots on my prayer stole--it's washable so it's okay.)
Looking good, guys! 
The bridesmaids and Man of Honor are lined up and ready to take their places on the steps.
Here come Cassi and her dad, Bill! 
I love her sassy dress and petticoats, her spiky heels and fascinator veil! Note Bill's shoes! He was prepared! He answered my question then placed Cassi's hand into Travis'.
This is the bride's side. 
This is the groom's side.
And so we begin! Our photographer is Cassie UySmith of FireRose Photography and she is wearing the blue umbrella hat--smart! 
Our Man of Honor had his hands full--originally he was holding the bride's bouquet, then she called for an umbrella. He also had a ring!
It was raining a little.  But not enough to run the words printed on my pages so I proceeded without an umbrella. We did have fun! Their story was a good one. They met at UNC when they were both students. One of their adventures was a trip to Europe and their last day was in Paris where it is customary to buy a bike padlock and lock it onto a bridge--lovelocks, they are called. Well, since they could not find a padlock, they carved their names into a stone bench and hope someday to go back to that bench and add their wedding date!
They get to hear what the other told me they love about them for the first time. 
Travis reads his vows to Cassi from my book--a combination of humor and sweetness! 
Cassie reads her vows to Travis with equal humor and sincerity! 
Travis places the ring on Cassi's finger and says the words after me. 
Cassie does the same.
A closing blessing fitting the occasion was the Native American Wedding Blessing that begins: "Now you shall feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter to the other......" A few chuckles!
The pronouncement of marriage! 
Whew! Good one! 
There is that sweet "after-kiss" moment as reality sinks in! 
We made it! I was delighted to present the newlyweds to their guests! 
The couple with their parents. Don't you love the hot pink galoshes Cassi's mother Penni is wearing? 
My turn! Cassie and Travis, I had my doubts about the weather but you never gave up and it turned out great! Loved working with you to create a fabulous one of a kind ceremony because you are a one of a kind couple! I wish you all the best!
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