Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Party Wedding for Tiffany and Bob!

Tiffany and Bob and I met last October to talk about their vision of their wedding scheduled for May 2, 2015. They essentially wanted a really fun celebration party with a brief wedding ceremony included. A minimum of frills and fluff! And so I put together the ceremony we discussed and emailed it to them to review and make changes to and choose their vows.
So, on the big day, Marty and I traveled from a wedding in downtown Raleigh to their subdivision clubhouse just south of Lake Johnson. The party had already started but the bride and groom were to make their appearance a little later after I arrived and we gathered all the guests into the clubhouse. Marty snapped this photo of the clubhouse as I was straightening my prayer stole. Yep, that little tassel in the back is quite handy for that!
We went in the clubhouse and found this clever arrangement of cake and cupcakes but I don't know who was so creative, maybe a friend? Or Tiffany?
 A handy mailbox for gifts and envelopes!
Tiffany's maid of honor, Cathi, met me when I arrived and we went over how the ceremony would go. I also managed to get the ceiling fans turned on before the guests came into the room from the deck in the back. Spoke with their DJ, Bruce, who just DJs for friends. Nice guy!
We rounded up Bob's brother, Bill, who was the best man and then invited the guests to enter and to leave a space in the middle for the aisle and get quiet so we could begin.
 Tiffany and Bob were escorted in by Tiffany's daughter, Savannah. 
 We began with a welcome to all, a prayer, and a tribute to those no longer with us--especially Bob's father. 
Then words to honor his mother, Margaret, and Tiffany's parents, Glenda and Dale. 
Then I turned to Savannah and spoke on behalf of Bob and her mom about how important she is in their relationship. I think she liked it! 
 Bob spoke his vows from my book. They were his own words--very moving plus some added humor. 
Then Tiffany began her vows by saying "Most of you know this is not my first rodeo when it comes to marriage but I know without a doubt this is my last!........"
Words on the symbolism of the rings while they joined left hands. Our photographer was Lauren Byers with Richard Byers Photography.
 Bob repeated the words after me line by line and placed the ring on Tiffany's finger. 
 Then Tiffany did the same....
 The pronouncement of marriage! 
 Big hug! 
The happy crowd was cheering and clapping so loud I could not introduce the newlyweds but they calmed down enough for me to get the words out!
 Yay! Married! 
Tiffany and Bob, what a fun and happy wedding! I hope it fulfilled your vision of your wedding day. I wish you and Savannah all the happiness the world!
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