Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Erin and Warren Wed at Top of the Hill in Chapel Hill!

Erin and Warren came to see me last June to plan their wedding at the Top of the Hill Great Room, a venue that is gaining popularity as a wedding venue. Their events manager, Danielle Olcott, is a big reason why! Danielle is one of those people who jump right in to do whatever is needed. She is very organized and knows what she is doing. I love it that she and I see eye-to-eye in how a wedding is done!  She also arranged for the ceremony music to be on the house sound system.
Danielle has the bridal party sequestered in the "back bar" area, out of sight of the groom and his guys. She and Erin are admiring the pretty silver roses that the flower girl and ring bearer will carry. Very unique.
Our pretty flower girl, Ashleigh, and Erin in her lovely bridal gown. They are ready to go and so are all the bridesmaids hanging out.
 You can see me in the background getting the microphone attached to my collar. 
University Florist provided the bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. Danielle is pinning the corsage on Yvonne, mother of the groom.
 Chatting about the wedding, I'm sure! 
 The sand ceremony was ready in the Great Room. 
The guests are beginning to arrive and take their seats.  
 I have never seen this before. Apparently one "menu" will go on each table after the ceremony.
Warren is taking a deep breath and is all set to get married. We are waiting in the side room for the grandmother and parents to be escorted in.
"Warren, are you going to behave yourself during the ceremony?" He had threatened to tap his foot or something like that if he got nervous or needed to take a break! He is a naturally funny guy and I love his sense of humor. I know Erin does too!
Their photographer, James Richardson, was all set to get the processional. He is from the DC/MD area. The guys and I are behind that glass door that looks like a mirror. 
First in was Virginia, Warren's grandmother. Then the parents of the bride and groom followed. 
 The bridesmaids are on their way! 
 So now they are all here and I invited the guests to stand for the bride. 
 Preceding the bride were Ashleigh and Ian, our flower girl and ring bearer. 
 Vicki and Steve proudly escort their daughter down the aisle to be married. 
 "Who blesses and supports Erin as she comes to join in marriage to Warren?" 
 The hand-off of bouquets and fluffing of the bride's train takes place. 
 Retrieving the bouquets now and we begin with a warm welcome to every one. 
 A sweet prayer. 
 Tribute to their parents......
And now for their story! They met in DC at a hockey game although neither were hockey fans. Warren was smitten by Erin's beauty and convinced her to throw popcorn at him. Erin was intrigued by Warren's toothpaste commercial smile and that he was so gregarious and does not hesitate to talk to anyone. Their first date was two days later but Erin would not let Warren kiss her until he baked cupcakes with her. He passed the test then he took her to NC to meet his family. She grew up in W. VA. Then Erin had to pass Warren's roller coaster test. She did but was terrified and drew the line after 4 rides! They've been together ever since.
 The big reveal of what they each told me in confidence about what they loved about each other. 
 Saying their vows to each other.....Warren got a bit choked up but I had my hankie ready!
 The rings......
 Blending their sand together!
 The big moment that makes their marriage official!
 Warren, you did good! Nice kiss! 
 Now he can cut up a happy!!
 Out in a blur.........of wedding bliss, I'm sure!
 Everyone headed for the back bar for cocktails while the great room was flipped for the reception.
 The blended sand with room for more when they have children.
 Congratulations to the new Mrs.! 
Erin and Warren, thank you for allowing me to be part of your day and for working so hard with me to create the perfect wedding ceremony for you! I wish you all the best forever!!
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