Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wonderful Warm Wedding for Karin and Craig at Caffe Luna!

Karin and Craig met with me in July to officiate their wedding at Caffe Luna on November 10, 2013. They wanted a cozy, casual but elegant wedding with their families and closest friends. Caffe Luna certainly provides this warm and inviting ambience. They also wanted a personalized ceremony that reflected their love and commitment and that included their baby son, Cameron. No problem!
When Dave and I arrived for the wedding the sun was setting and the inside of the restaurant was all aglow. 
Their florist, MEWS-Design, had set the centerpieces and were working on the "altar" area. 
Jennifer with Ambrosia Cake Creations delivered the cake and got it all set up. So pretty!  I have seen their gallery of cakes and they are amazing!
I collected the marriage license from Craig and got his father, Garland, to sign as one of the witnesses.
When Karin and Craig told me they needed a DJ, I suggested they call Lenny Fritts. I can count on Lenny to be on site early, set up and ready to go long before most vendors at weddings. He and I conferred on the order of the processional and enlisted someone to relay the signals to him.
 I think we are ready! 
They had a very simple processional because there were no attendants and they decided to be creative. So when it was time to begin, I walked in first. Lenny's cue to begin the music.
Craig's father, Garland, escorted in his wife and Craig's stepmother, Kathy. Turns out she is the mother of Devon Schultz, a former wedding events manager at Hilton RTP and The Carolina Inn! She recently relocated to Charlotte but had come back to Raleigh for this wedding. It was great to see her and what a surprise!
Karin's mother, Ruth, was escorted in by her son, Rich, brother of the bride.
Craig and Karin have an adorable son, Cameron, who is very much a part of this wedding and they decided that the three of them would enter together.
 He was so precious! 
And so we began with a warm welcome, prayer, remembrance of those not with us, a community blessing and a tribute to their parents.
Then it was time for Cameron to come forth for his blessing. 
Karin and Craig met at work over 12 years ago. In 2008, they ended up in the same department and started hanging out with fellow workers after work. They gradually gravitated toward each other and discovered similar values and a comfortable kind of compatibility.
When Craig finally got around to kissing Karin which she was wondering would ever happen, the sparks ignited and they have been together ever since. Two years later they found themselves the happy parents of their sweet little boy and decided to make their family official by getting married and the wedding planning began.
 Hmm, someone's cell phone got in the photo! 
 The moment their marriage becomes legal! 
 Sealed with a kiss! 
Craig is not a smiler, can you tell? But I happen to know he was extremely happy in that moment even though it does not show! Karin, you can see how happy she is!
One very happy family! Karin and Craig, what a pleasure you were to work with. So easy going and laid back and letting everything just flow naturally. I can tell you are really good together. And, thank you for your generous gratuity! It is much appreciated. I wish you the best life can bring your way! Cameron too!
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